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To reach young people and get bridge more out there online, consider twitch

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Amazon is paying almost $1 billion for this because so many people (most of them young) love this sort of service. The ability to watch other people playing games. And the ability to interact (chat) with people while they are doing it.

Most popular streams are obviously video games. Some nearly year old demographic data is available at you can see it is a lot of people and a lot of young people. 76% of twitch users are between 18-49, but the average age is just 21. More people watch twitch than Breaking Bad + NFL preseason combined! But it is not just video games, I've seen streams of people playing card games (like Magic The Gathering) also there.

So think about some of the over-the-shoulder articles and experiences that are popular here including Gavin's Road to Victory, Alex Lee's My Little Spingold Run, and Jim Munday's My Speedball with Steve. Except now imagine that sort of thing being broadcast in real time, with access to the running thoughts of the players playing, and the ability to ask questions of them as they play ("Why did you X that bid? Why did you choose to return the 6 instead of the 2 of heart there?"). Kind of like viewgraph for the next generation.

Imagine being able to chat with Leo live while he plays a robot tournament and ask "Why didn't you X that bid?" and get an explanation of the robot not being able to respond intelligently to high level doubles and learn about both "normal bridge" and "robot bridge" and thoughts on both? It doesn't need to be world class experts only, it can be all levels. Check out you haven't already to see one version of this on YouTube.

But rather than spending a lot of our collective time on separating online players'masterpoints from other lifetime lists, I'd hope we the bridge community could think of ways to use all these online tools to bring more people, especially younger people, to bridge.

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