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Bridge Winners FAQ

What is Bridge Winners?

Bridge Winners is the largest social networking community for Bridge Players. It is a place where you can interact with your fellow bridge players in a dynamic environment. The site contains articles, videos, bridge problems, a convention card editor, an electronic bridge book store, bridge software, games, and live tournament results from NABCs and international events.

How much does it cost to join?

Bridge Winners is free.

Why would I want to join?

Creating an account allows you to fully connect with the Bridge Winners community and enjoy all of the benefits our site has to offer.

Only members may:

  • Vote on polls
  • See the results of polls including how various experts voted.
  • Add comments to articles
  • Create a bridge problem for other members to vote and comment on. This allows you to see how top experts would vote on the problem you faced at the table.
  • Create an article

Members can also personalize what content they see, and receive email notifications anytime a favorite author or person publishes something new on the site.

What types of things can I do on Bridge Winners?

You can:

  • Create a bridge problem
  • Write an article
  • Create or share a convention card,
  • Connect with other bridge players
  • Discuss bridge related topics.

How can I learn more about the features of Bridge Winners?

Bridge Winners created a tutorial available that you can watch on YouTube: This video was created after our redesigned in the beginning of 2013. and provides an excellent tour of all the features on the site.

How do I create a Convention Card or access a convention card someone shared with me?

First, you must be a Bridge Winners member (and logged in) to access our convention card editor.  Then, click on the Explore Menu button at the top of the page and click on Convention Card Editor (under Tools at the bottom of the drop down menu)

Consult the detailed Help section on How to Create a Convention Card for more information, or watch the video tutorial.

What types of things can I write about?

Anything bridge related, but please stay within the community rules and guidelines.

Is there a way to hide the comments or articles of a particular member?

Yes. Go to the profile page of the user whose content you want to hide. Then you can choose whether to ignore the user's comments, articles, private messages, and/or bridge problems.

What browsers and devices can I use to view Bridge Winners content?

Our recommended browsers include the latest versions of the most-popular browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

We also support the site on most computers and tablets.  

The site should work on other browsers not listed, but we recommend one of the above for the best experience.

How do I keep abreast of what’s going on in Bridge Winners?

There are several ways to keep current on new content.  You can:

  • Follow someone whose content you enjoy
  • Follow the discussion on an article of interest

New content by those you follow will also appear in your daily activity stream. You can also elect to receive a daily digest of new content from authors or articles you are following sent to you in e-mail.

To configure your email settings, click on your name, and then account settings.

How do I post an image to my article on Bridge Winners?

You will need to first upload an image to an image sharing service such as Picasa or Imgur. After uploading the image, you click on the icon that looks like a tree in the text editor, and copy and paste the link to your image.

How do I change the formatting in a comment?

You can use BBCode to format text in comments. More information here.

How do I change notification email settings?

At the bottom of each thread is a green button that says either "Follow Discussion" or "Unfollow Discussion" based on whether you are following the discussion or not. By commenting in the thread, you automatically follow it. Clicking on "Unfollow" will unsubscribe you from the emails about new content in that thread. You can also edit your email settings. You can choose to have a "daily digest," that sends one email per day with all the relevant content.

How do I change the size of text on the home page?

The setting you need to adjust is in your browser, not on Bridge Winners. You will likely need to adjust the zoom level.

How do I advertise on Bridge Winners?

If you are interested in advertising on Bridge Winners, please send us an email at and a member of our team will follow up with you.

How did Bridge Winners get started?

Bridge Winners was founded by Gavin Wolpert and Jason Feldman and launched in 2010. For a history of the early days of the site, see this article by Gavin. To learn more about our current team, check out the About Us page.

Where is your privacy policy?

It's here:

How do I get a question added to the FAQ?

Write to and we’ll add your question and answer to the FAQ.


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