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Adam Kaplan
Adam Kaplan
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Basic Information

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Nov. 12, 2010
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Dec. 20, 2019
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Bridge Writer
about me

I'm a 17 year-old bridge professional from New Port Richey, Florida. I currently am playing full-time, but plan to go to college in the Fall of 2014. I have won a Bronze Medal in the U26 BAM in Istanbul (2009), a Silver Medal in the U21 pairs in Croatia (2011), and a Silver Medal in the U21 Swiss/KO in Shanghai (2012). I write and do video commentaries occasionally for Bridge Winners.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
My first triple-squeeze, and the look on my opponent's face. I was 8.
Bridge Accomplishments
Bronze Medal U26 BAM (2009), Silver Medal U21 Pairs (2011), Silver Medal U21 Teams (2012), Youngest LM for a few years (10 years, 46 days)
Regular Bridge Partners
Adam Grossack, Peggy Kaplan, Andrew Gumperz, Dana Berkowitz, Zach Brescoll, Owen Lien and others...
Member of Bridge Club(s)
N/A - Don't get to local clubs too often.
Favorite Tournaments
Bermuda Regional
Favorite Conventions
2H Ekrens and Gazzilli
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
AiB Standard Bidding Box 2/1
2/1 GF, 2M rebid promises only 5 [All Finesses always lose]
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Adam - Marty
2/1 GF (2NT Waiting, 2M 6+)
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Adam - Roger 2/1
2/1 GF
Copy to my cards View/Print
Adam-Billy USBF2015
2/1 GF (Rebid does not show 6, 2!C could be 2)
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Adam - Ben
2/1 GF (2C can be 2)
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Multiple Opening Transfer Bids
I overcall 2. Seriously though, while it may be an interesting thought exercise about making a more efficient/interesting/effective bidding system, recovering from interference is more of a challenge than anything else in designing a playable method. As a (former) relay fanatic, I believe that the first principle ...
Epic Finish in Seamon USA2 Final
Congrats to the Dhir team for winning a well-played and exciting USA2 final! Lots of fun to watch, and condolences to the Wei team who fought hard and were a pleasure to play against over the past few days.
ACBL Nationals Start times
I agree with you in theory, Sabine -- It seems best for everyone involved to hold sessions when players will be at their peak mental performance. Since the peak time differs by player and sleeping schedule, however, this becomes a difficult task unless we are able to accommodate or cover some ...
ACBL Nationals Start times
I believe a lot of this discussion should be separated into NABC+ events vs regional/KO events at the nationals. Compromise in either direction (i.e. 11 & 5) would make playing more than 2 sessions per day nearly impossible and would ruin things like mornings or Zip KOs. That's ...
ACBL Nationals Start times
The old Azores Juniors tournament played at 4pm and 9:30pm -- everyone went out until 6am, got an early breakfast at the hotel, then retired for a fitful "night" of sleep before the following day. Fun schedule, but certainly not sustainable for more than a few days.
USA2 Wins Bermuda Bowl
Awesome win, congrats!
The future of bridge and technology
This is precisely why hitching with singletons is frowned upon, and why online bridge loses a component of F2F bridge. That said, I have read many opponents to be hitching with their singletons -- usually they are opponents who know enough to be dangerous or attempt to mislead, but not enough ...
The future of bridge and technology
This is not about "learning the game better", and I can hardly think of a more condescending way to dismiss a very valid opinion. Bridge is much more than just "skill and logic," otherwise it would be as uninteresting and unengaging (to me) as chess. Bridge has a distinctively human ...
Improving the ACBL Collegiate Bridge Bowl
For anyone suggesting that proctors should be reasonable for this current event format... With the current structure of the event, getting proctors would be impossible. For my proposed revision (qualifier held over a weekend, similar to the Junior trial qualifiers and many other events), it would be very possible. Given ...
Improving the ACBL Collegiate Bridge Bowl
The first weekend in January is still difficult since it's often still part of students' winter break period -- that's likely to be more difficult, but could work... Late January would still work to allow qualification for a mid-March event, and it would make the process much less drawn ...

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