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Adam Meyerson
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March 14, 2011
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Elianna Meyerson, Samuel Ieong, Howard Liu, Josh Sher, Li-Chung Chen
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Meyerson, Zirconia, Gazzilli
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A list of "Just bridge" situations
Suppose your opponents are from China and have always played Precision. Most of their opponents play Precision too. In Precision you don’t have to “make up” suits in order to show a GF opening since such hands open 1. So opponents may have no idea that 1-1 ...
A list of "Just bridge" situations
Sure, but general approach can usually be asked. Something that might fall into "just bridge" is which suit gets opened with various (4432) patterns and a strong notrump. My impression is that there are rather complicated rules/tendencies about suit quality that might be "just bridge" for good British players ...
A list of "Just bridge" situations
Moving from one country to another has reinforced how much of “just bridge” is regional knowledge. Even without explicit discussion, people from the same place will often agree. But it’s not really fair to call this “just bridge.” An example for me is the occasional 5-card weak two, which ...
The cost of a bridge game
Zürich is CHF 15 ($15) for non-members and CHF 13 ($13) for members. The membership fee is also quite high (I think about CHF200/year). Of course this is Switzerland and everything is expensive! However the clubs do offer cash prizes for the top few places (usually winning is a ...
Good/ bad 2NT or Scramble?
I'd prefer Lebensohl here; I don't play what most people call good/bad. It's interesting what people say about scrambling when responding to a takeout double when one of the standard Lebensohl situations is 2-Dbl-Pass... As far as this situation goes, the hand where you want ...
Legal Agreement or not?
I’d go with “undisclosed agreement” rather than “illegal agreement.” Essentially, I think this agreement combined with the actual hand is strong evidence that they have a de facto agreement that 2 may not be a real suit. They did not alert the 2 bid and give appropriate ...
The Death of Teams
It seems to me that the real problem is awarding points based on the number of tables in a lower-flighted event. If the lower-flighted event is gold-rush pairs, this increases the point award for a small open or A/X pairs running in parallel, whereas it does not increase the ...
The Death of Teams
I've actually played in an event like Mike Bodell suggests at the Charlottesville Virginia Sectional-- they split the field in two by materpoint totals and ran it as a two-section flighted MP pair game, but they also grouped the pairs by masterpoint totals (so the highest overall was paired ...
1M-1N; 3m and then?
My answers: 1. Yes, but sometimes limited space will prevent this. 2. Yes. 3. Slam. The range of 3m is pretty narrow, we don’t need a “re-invite” especially one that bypasses 3nt. 4. Obviously occasionally useful, but I wouldn’t do it. Much more useful to be able to ...
Delayed Alerts: Theory and Practice
1-2NT(natural)-4. Suppose I hold good but not very long clubs. If 4 is a suit, doubling is dangerous (they may make 4xx despite my having tricks in the trump suit), and besides I’m likely to be in lead against a minor suit contract ...

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