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Adam Meyerson
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March 14, 2011
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Elianna Meyerson, Samuel Ieong, Howard Liu, Josh Sher, Li-Chung Chen
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Meyerson, Zirconia, Gazzilli
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1!C balanced or !Cs with transfer responses, 1!D unbalanced
I think the problem here is around what responder does with diamonds after opener’s 1. It’s tricky to give details because people define their 1/1nt/2m responses in different ways, but you’re definitely behind those who can make a cheap natural 1 response ...
Are you legitimate or illegitimate?
There are really several questions here, and I think they apply outside ACBL: 1. If your stated agreement involves a particular point range, is it okay to be a point light? It seems like the answer has to be “as long as it’s not a frequent event” since this ...
Mini & Weak No Trump
This "solution" may be worse than the original problem... you lock yourself into playing a basic version of Acol; when you open 1M on four you'll want to pass a 1NT response (there isn't always a natural rebid available and you don't want partner "correcting" to a ...
Mini & Weak No Trump
Here are some subtle problem hands: x KQxx Axxxx Kxx If you open 1 and hear 1 from partner, if you play a strong 1nt then you can rebid 1nt (12-14). If you play a weak notrump you’re kind of stuck. Choices are rebid a thee card ...
Congrats Alex Perlin!
Well done Alex!
1NT opening, 2S range check, 2 ways to invite with a long minor.
I haven’t found the loss of super accept that big a deal in slam auctions. One reason is that we have 1nt-2nt-3-3nt as a mild slam try (which you don’t have when the transfers include invites) and this handles some of the “slam interest only if you ...
1NT opening, 2S range check, 2 ways to invite with a long minor.
I play something like Kit's suggestion with one of my partners. What we do for follow-ups is: 2NT = min (then responder can pass or bid 3m invite) 3 = max, but not a great hand for clubs 3 = max, good hand for clubs, not a great hand for ...
Flannery Disclosure
I’m pretty sure even top level players aren’t capable of measuring things like Flannery based on outcomes. Keep in mind that it comes up rarely, determining the counterfactual (what would have happened if they didn’t play their current methods) is very hard, they may not be fully ...
Flannery Disclosure
I would not read much into the number of pairs using a convention. These things often tend to follow “fads” which are frequently driven by people emulating one or two successful pairs. There was a boom in the US in people playing 10-12 NT when Meckwell were playing it and ...
Is this Lavinthal?
Looking at the responses above, we already have people saying this is: 1. Suit preference (and discussing whether that should be called Lavinthal). 2. Count. 3. Attitude, saying to continue spades. 4. Attitude, but mostly saying "don't switch to clubs." The real message here would seem to be that ...

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