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Adriano Rodrigues
Adriano Rodrigues
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May 28, 2014
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37 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Statistician, Love bridge, chess, gambling, statistics and more than all, my family Tongue Out


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Favorite Bridge Memory
Remember university times when played bridge all nights!! (ok, some years was all days too :-P)
Bridge Accomplishments
Winning Brasilian Trials Teams 2014 and Brasilian pairs in same year
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
What is 6!c?
If opener need more infos about partner hand, why he jump from 3 to 4NT ? :/
Rate this auction
Since you dont have one bid to settle and ask for cuebids, one solution, If your partner is not maniac who move from 7 to 7NT or 6 to 6NT, is bid 4 to set clubs and try find the cue....
Greco Wins 2018 Player of the Year
centuries start at 1 and end at 100
Offsite polling
At least for very important tournaments, email/telegram/whatsapp individual link to poll, to lets say, 500 pre-registered members minus players in the actual competition. Would work fast and sample would be good almost always.
So... what does an in tempo double of 7NT look like?
You play with chess clocks there? Or count in your minds? Does players pass tests to check how accurate they are to know if was 21 or 19 seconds? this all is very unclear...
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
What would happens if partner had the Ace of clubs, and think ((maybe trying remember if double forces D or forces another suit), and S not double and S with KJxxx think "well was BIT, suggesting diamonds, but then i cannot do lead it, i am pretty ethical, so I ...
Takeout or Penalty
no, when partner has bid, like in the problem.
Takeout or Penalty
Penalty to me. rule: "penalty: when could have doubled the suit informative before"
Director question
i mean partnership has all high cards.
Director question
humm so one way to back to dummy would have a ruff, but was clear a very bad way to back to dummy...(9 card fit and was the lead),,,and he had Ax on Kx to return no would really be -1?

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