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A.J. Stephani
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June 28, 2011
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ACBL - Time to add new GLM Ranks?
>> Making LM has no meaning. << Tell that to the 110,000 or so ACBL members that haven't made LM yet. I'm sure they would appreciate knowing that their bridge journey has no meaning.
Weirdest Bid
. . . in a similar vein: 2 - X - P - P 3! - X - P - P P Bid was at IMPs, explained as, "you don't get rich making 2 doubled, and we were behind in the match."
Most Pervasive "Bridge Club Myths" re Bidding?
For some reason, I keep running into the "never underlead a king" taboo against a suit contract among the country club set (and I teach a LOT of country club players). They will underlead an ace, but not a king.
Paper or plastic?
The new ACBL plastic cards are simply too thin and flimsy for my taste. They just feel "insubstantial" in one's hands. The .33mm PVC Bridge Buddy cards are the best I've ever used. The Dealer4 machine handles them swimmingly, they're the perfect size to hold, and the ...
Another Proposal for SF
>> I also realize that the BOD hates the idea because it interferes with their activities during the NABCs. << We're not a monolithic group. Some of us have been advocating for greater flexibility in NABC operations. While it's correct that the NABCs are filled with all manner of Committee ...
Four Sectionals in D11 in One Week
@Kit: In no way did I "create" the D11 rules governing sectionals (or regionals, for that matter). The D11 Board, of which you are currently a voting member and I am not, created all the rules and policies governing D11 tournaments. As the D11 Tournament Coordinator, my job is simply ...
Four Sectionals in D11 in One Week
Kit, this is a very misleading header tag. The Lexington and Louisville sectionals were held in different "weeks," with one ending on Sunday, 9/22 and the other beginning the following weekend, 9/28. The other 2 sectionals were Progressive sectionals, which are almost entirely intra-Unit affairs, analogous to Unit ...
ACBL finally defines "collusive cheating"
@David: The language you quoted was not included in the motion actually passed. The language in the first numbered item was deleted in Committee for precisely the reasons you stated. Sometimes the ACBL can edit to save its life. @All: The motion that passed is simply the second numbered item ...
ACBL BoD Votes Possibility of NO NABC+ Winners Ever
Hi Cam, The Board passed a motion in Memphis authorizing management to implement a Voluntary Relinquishment Policy under certain parameters. That Policy was presented and affirmed by the Board in Las Vegas. Both votes were unanimous. I can provide a copy of the policy if requested, but keep in mind ...
Mnemonics, Acronyms, or Abbreviations
When teaching, my typical criteria for hands that should open 2C: 22+HCP (balanced); or 21+ishHCP (unbalanced); or Any STYS hand STYS = Sick To Your Stomach (any hand you would feel Sick To Your Stomach if you opened it on the 1 level and it was passed out)

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