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Pulling of responder 1NT: part 2
"For those who say a 2♣ rebid is “artificial”, then I would inquire how ever to show ♣'s, and just what the “artificial 2♣” shows or asks?" 2 for me shows a 4-3-5-1 with extras (i.e. 15-17 HCP) whereas 2 shows a minimum hand with 3 hearts ...
Webber Cup 2016
I think the spade ace lead was fatal for the defense on the first board. You still get your heart trick after the spade lead and continuation, which results in a trick in each suit for the defense. Promoting the Q is necessary to set 3.
Akin Koclar's bidding problem: AJ763 T5 AQT4 86
Sorry, fit-jumps were unavailable.
Akin Koclar's bidding problem: 85 AQ74 K9853 QT
Because you would like to contest the auction in hopes of reaching a makeable contract and would like to join the bidding sooner rather than later?
More light
_____A _____32 _____- _____- 2_______- - ________4 A_______2 A_______2 _____K _____- _____K _____K Playing in 7, declarer claims: "I'll ruff a heart and the dummy is high." Considering that it would be quite safe and rational ...
Percentage problem on BBO
Ruffing the 4th in dummy doesn't work when RHO has 2-3-4-4, because you block the spade suit. Also, if you decide to play for 4-1 diamonds, play a club to dummy and ride the 10, that way, you make an overtrick when clubs break and cater for Rosenberg ...
The !d6 Tells Another Tale
The 6 was important, because declarer would have gone down after a diamond to the king if he held the 5 instead. West would have exited with the J after winning the ace, and maintained a tenace (8-6) over declarer's 7-5 in the endgame.
Defending another 3N
If the J denies any higher honors and if declarer can be counted on to have exactly 4 hearts for his bidding, declarer must have something like Ax AKxx KJxxx xx. If his second spade is not the 10, a high spade return will set the contract, provided that partner ...
Defensive problems
I can't see why cashing the club would be necessary, we can't be endplayed in hearts if declarer is 2-5-3-3, because declarer has only 7 tricks. On the other hand, cashing the club lets declarer make if he has Ax AQJxx Jxxx Qx. It could be argued that ...
Akin Koclar's bidding problem: A654 K2 JT852 A9
In my opinion, there are three alternatives, which are: Pass, 3NT and 4. A case could be made for each of those: i) Pass: Partner has at least invitational values, and he probably denied a huge diamond fit. If he has a doubleton spade, pass will get us a ...

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