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Al Hollander
Al Hollander
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June 20, 2010
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2 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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getting harry goldwater to laugh when opp called director on me
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bbo vugraph commentator, extensive library
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none this millenium
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none this millenium
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big club, relay, transfer/flip-flop in non-nt
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Silver Life Master
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Against suits, playing 3rd from even, low from odd,
Historical Note: I first saw reference to the Rule of 15 in Kim Carpenter's 1969 book, [u]How to Become a Professional Money Bridge Player "The Stat System[/u]
You Be the Coach - Part I
DIGRESSION we had a group of geeks that took bridge lessons and developed an addiction for the game in high skool. in 1973 or 1974 one was attending Carleton, the other St Olaf. I visited them during a break and discovered that one of the universities had a library with ...
2019 General Conditions of Contest Final Review
[b]C. Knockout Round Tie Breaking. Ties in knockout matches will be broken as follows: General Conditions of Contest ... 2 Otherwise: For the USA1 or USA2 Final or if the tied teams did not meet in the Round Robin, the tie will be broken by one (or more, if necessary ...
Which version of Precision?
i wish i could tell you the history of Zerth, but i don't have that information. i first heard the name from Dave Caprera. i think he played the system in the early 2010s Mark Horton's, "A New Bridge Magazine", May 2018 issue mentions Zerth in his description ...
Which version of Precision?
Moss-Grue play a version of Zerth. their responses to strong 1 don't match any version of any systems that use the names of meckstroth &/o rodwell, so they can't be used in support of your decision in fact, you could say they are 180 degrees different from ...
Which version of Precision?
many systems are easy when auctions are uncontested and many conventions are easy if you only talk about the meaning of the first round of bidding curiously the lesson came from learning to play chess it's easy, each piece moves this way ... wait, you mean there is more??
"Help-suit" game tries
we absolutely chose cheapest reject to minimize chance for opponent to make lead-directing double. too bad we never extrapolated that thought to what we now see being done when opponent doubles stayman or transfer - i.e. protecting the positional honors
Which version of Precision?
re: why the usa experts seem to be adopting versions of what is being called mecklite. When "In The Well", Eric Rodwell either implied or stated outright that the system really should be called RSVP - Rodwell Soloway Version of Precision. Just guessing but plausible arguments include: * very easy to quickly ...
"Help-suit" game tries
long ago i had a partnership that used the Kokish approach where opener was able to avoid giving helpful information to the opponents - most specifically helping to keep opening leader in the dark. it seemed to work very well. it is possible that instead of teller showing lowest accept we ...
Senior USBC seeding from 2020 on
i told you i always confuse PPs and SPs sorry about that

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