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Al Hollander
Al Hollander
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June 20, 2010
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12 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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getting harry goldwater to laugh when opp called director on me
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bbo vugraph commentator, extensive library
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none this millenium
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none this millenium
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big club, relay, transfer/flip-flop in non-nt
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Silver Life Master
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VOTE on Tardiness Penalty
Danny You comment focuses on GIVING partnership information. What about RECEIVING information? i.e. 2nd player arrives at start time, so the clock is running a) is that person allowed to ask questions that have already been answered and/or new questions? b) is the partner who arrived 5 minutes ...
System Filing for Late-Added Pairs
the final paragraph is thought-provoking. however, isn't the situation of a potential pair looking for a team less likely than a team adding a late pair/player? the posted deadline for submission of SSF/CC is much more likely to be a factor in that latter case.
System Filing for Late-Added Pairs
as a non-player who believes in full disclosure, i am curious as to how the "early entry date"* a) is bad for the players b) is a convenience "minimally, at that" for the organizer rather than a necessary time span for organizers, participants and even viewers * are you referring to ...
Brink-Drijver become Swiss
final bulletin from Istanbul
Showing both majors over 1NT - 2!C
1N-P-2-P ? 2N=4 & 4, min 3=4 & 4, MAX I see a few pairs use this treatment on vugraph I suspect that the gain is, like many other conventions, when the special responses are NOT used. When opener's response shows AT MOST 1 ...
Always show a 4-card spade in Precision (or bypass) after 1!D-1!H
that is a walsh-ism that does not extrapolate from the main discussion in the context of Walsh, 1-1M can be 4M with longer , so 1-1 either denies 4-card major OR responder is strong enough to invite/game force (partnership must agree) since opener assumes responder has ...
Another WC Book/PDF Request
the input to handviewer is the same as what is embedded in the lin file using a text editor, so there is no gain there. i confess that i don't know more about the tool, but initial perusal suggests it is used for single hands rather than a lin ...
Always show a 4-card spade in Precision (or bypass) after 1!D-1!H
pick a guru Eric Rodwell swears by bid-em-if-you-got-em I wager the argument for that approach includes making it easier for responder who has 4 & 4 but not enough strength to use checkback after 1-1-1N on the other hand, a less than invitational responder with 5 ...
VOTE on scoring a Round Robin that has more than 1 segment between teams
just to confirm - the approach to scoring does NOT affect the requirement that in double RR, each PLAYER must play at least once against each other TEAM
Another WC Book/PDF Request
another possibility - although manually tedious create a bogus bbo vugraph event have vugraph operator enter bidding and play from the official WC Book(s) if i were to volunteer: a) i would need to confirm with BBO that it would be ok to do this b) i would not be ...

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