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Alan Applebaum
Alan Applebaum
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Nov. 29, 2011
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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8th in Reisinger; Have made round of 16 in Spingold; Made top 20 of Platinum Pairs 3 times (as of 1/1/14, one of only 7 players to do so).
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BBO robot games
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WBF Leaves International Olympic Committee
C'mon, admit it - how many of you thought "Wolfson wins Vanderbilt" was the April Fool's story?
What are your pet peeves?
I totally agree with Harald, but notwithstanding the logic of this position I have been told by a director in no uncertain terms that if LHO leads the Ace and I have the King as declarer, I am not allowed to ask RHO whether they lead A or K from ...
Changing The Guard - attracting younger players
Heh, Karen, you remember that time and place a little differently than I do. My recollection is that when we college kids ventured to the off-camups "townie" game, we called it "House of the Living Dead" or something similar. But at any rate I like David Yates' take above the ...
Stupid Robot
Fair enough, assuming the robot is not going to be afraid of being endplayed or having to ruff with the king as declarer pitches his last side suit loser.
Stupid Robot
There is a little more to it. If you lead low and it goes honor, x, x, probably the most likely position is that the robot is attempting to Grosvenor you with Q 10 x or even K 10 x. In fact, it is possible that against the robots the ...
Best Hand: Don't Tell Your Mom
This is a excellent illustration of one of the many great features of robot bridge. A player comes up with a unique concept and can just try it out without going through endless legal and administrative BS at best and being outright prevented at worst.
"Playing Up" - An open letter to Jay Whipple
I wrote a letter substantially similar to Dave's, in a similar situation, about 10 years ago, directed at the District 25 administrators. Their response was to make the top flight an open Swiss going forward, and then bracketed anyone who didn't want to be in the top flight ...
For your consideration: Are Bridge and Baseball facing similar problems appealing to youth?
All bridge players know how long 10 seconds is. It is approximately four seconds.
For your consideration: Are Bridge and Baseball facing similar problems appealing to youth?
The other night I heard on the radio that HOF pitcher Jim Kaat was advocating 7-inning games, and Red Sox radio announcer Joe Castiglione was speculating about at least making some games 7 innings. If people like that are advocating such a dramatic change to the game it is pretty ...
My belief is that very, very few players ever downgrade balanced hands. Weak players do not know when it is appropriate to downgrade and good players believe their declarer play will compensate, or partner will have length in their QJ doubleton, or whatever. Aside from that, it is rarely worth ...
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