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Alan Applebaum
Alan Applebaum
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Nov. 29, 2011
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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8th in Reisinger; Have made round of 16 in Spingold; Made top 20 of Platinum Pairs 3 times (as of 1/1/14, one of only 7 players to do so).
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BBO robot games
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Bridge is getting harder to play
I have never played bridge in a senior center, but my vast experience both playing bridge in clubs and volunteering at a senior center tells me it is probably a very, very bad idea.
In The Cards: The Secret World of Professional Bridge
This is, by far, the best film about tournament bridge that I have seen, in large part because it does not appear to have been created to market the game.
I DO NOT Know What To Say.
Well it's not just about inflation. To paraphrase Maggie from Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, you can play bridge young without money, but you can't play bridge old without it. When I was on the tournament trail in the 70s, we slept four to a room, lived ...
Oren Kriegel's bidding problem: AT862 Q7 Q54 KT5
There is a small push toward passing if opener could have super-accepted.
Petition for NABC+ Midnight KO
I'm sure Lew Gamerman, who is approximately 70 years old, will appreciate being called a "rising talent". He has been the dominant force in his age bracket in midnight games for many years.
Henry Bethe's bidding problem: K T9 AKQ9 KQJT85
I agree but the real villain is 2C limit+. Unless you are playing weak NT, you really need to distinguish a limit raise from a forcing raise. The auction is just too hard to handle otherwise.
Do you want to be relegated from Bracket A to Bracket B?
They once made me play down when I had a winner of two Spingolds and a Vanderbilt on my team. I did not complain until after the fact, but when I did, the district changed their rules and made the top bracket always open (and flexible in size). I would ...
What killed American Bridge--a Poll from the Year 2040.
Richard is in the ballpark here. Today's wargames are not as insanely complex as Advanced Squad Leader but they are way, way better games. Some of them even have cards!
What killed American Bridge--a Poll from the Year 2040.
One of the many reasons robot bridge is more enjoyable than FTF bridge is that you are the only one thinking. It is a much faster game with virtually no "downtime". As far as the pros go, well, their desires just reflect the desires of their clients. Since the clients ...
What killed American Bridge--a Poll from the Year 2040.
We might disagree about the reason for the decline in social bridge but I agree 100% that the pool of competitive players has to come from a much larger pool of social players. Since it was not the ACBL's historical mission to build the pool of social players, it ...
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