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Alan Frank
Alan Frank
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Aug. 27, 2011
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about me

Depending on where one puts the line between expert and intermediate, I'm on one side or the other.  I've played twice on the last day of an NABC+ event.  With two kids and a full-time job developing software, I don't get to play as much as I'd like.  I'm interested in theory, laws, & tournament organization; I've been involved in rulemaking for chess and Scrabble in the past.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Criss-cross overtaking trump squeeze
Bridge Accomplishments
Overalls in Fall '09 NABC+ Swiss, 7th in '14 Fall 10K Swiss
Regular Bridge Partners
Stephanie Hamilton, Eric Schwartz
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Bronze Life Master
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Superior Defense to 2N Opener Showing both minors?
In most cases, with the first option, advancer can request shape clarification: 3 over 3 or, over 3: 4 = to play game or will always take another bid over at least one major. 4 = mild slam invite. The only time you don't get to ...
What is double? What is pass?
It also avoids the problem of a kind person transcribing the auction to make it clearer, but getting one of the calls wrong.
Lose the Trials Semifinal with Me, VI
Or the bidder could give his/her screenmate either the bidding card, to be placed in the tray by the screenmate, or the alert card, to be returned to the bidder.
A New Bridge Bot?
It is not clear to me that the learning techniques which work well for games such as chess and go are the right way to go for bridge, with one exception. I believe that the greatest gains in the play can be made by attempting to model the other players ...
A New Bridge Bot?
@Hank: With regard to BG checker play, I would expect that in a match against a stronger player, I would be more likely to take chances for a gammon, whereas against a weaker player, I would want to just grind out the single point.
A Third Option for Regional KOs - Stratified Swiss KOs
I believe there is an error in the analysis of the double-elimination KO. If you play full-length matches, you have, as noted in the OP, 4 winners and 8 losers after two sessions. But after the third session, you have 2 winners and 6 losers (not 4). Then after the ...
Is this hand an acceptable one-level opening bid in modern bridge?
Partner will not expect this much defense if you open 2. Partner will expect more HCP if you open 1. And partner will not expect this much playing strength if you pass. The reason I choose pass is that it offers the best hope of recovering, as it ...
Is this hand an acceptable one-level opening bid in modern bridge?
A balanced hand with 8HCP wouldn't meet the rule of 18, which Ian states is the requirement.
Sorry. Another question about a bad claim.
Declarer will have already taken nine tricks by the time he notices the jack of clubs not dropping, so he can't get any fewer than that. And at that point, I don't see any plausible way for him to get more, even if we let him rethink his ...
Ruling Question
Presumably East thought that the agreement was "majors," since that's what he said. And from his hand, that seems more likely than natural. So why not throw a monkey wrench into things by passing?

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