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Alan Frank
Alan Frank
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Aug. 27, 2011
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Bridge Player
about me

Depending on where one puts the line between expert and intermediate, I'm on one side or the other.  I've played twice on the last day of an NABC+ event.  With two kids and a full-time job developing software, I don't get to play as much as I'd like.  I'm interested in theory, laws, & tournament organization; I've been involved in rulemaking for chess and Scrabble in the past.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Criss-cross overtaking trump squeeze
Bridge Accomplishments
Overalls in Fall '09 NABC+ Swiss, 7th in '14 Fall 10K Swiss
Regular Bridge Partners
Stephanie Hamilton, Eric Schwartz
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Bronze Life Master
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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
On the second board, I think it is South's fault, as he has substantial extras where North has a minimum, albeit a good one. I wonder what would have happened after 1 1NT 3* (artificial GF, various hands including 5=4=x=x and +) 3 ...
Spots Matter
Depends on house rules. Often played that at the game or slam level you can do it.
Spots Matter
The auction diagrams starting on page 6 incorrectly show a 5 RKC bid, rather than the actual 4.
-140 Esoteric
See for more trivia about the number.
Memphis Report from BOD Member, District 17
FWIW, I would like to see committee proposals having to be ratified by the full Senate. It is too easy for a small group to suffer from collective blindness. Also, the need for ratification reduces the stress about exactly what the committee is charged with and who the members are ...
YBTD after slow double
West got the clubs right when playing 3, so if a club contract were imposed, it seems that the same line should be allowed.
YBTD after slow double
It seems to me that the most likely route to 3NT is ... X 3 3NT. Played by West, it's unbreakable.
Smolen over 2NT
I prefer to use words such as "shows" instead of "promises." Partner will always play me for three-card support here, but if I think it's right to take a flier with your example hand, that will not break partnership trust.
In the Well: Jose Damiani
IIRC, there have also been situations where Israel was paired against an Arab team in the first round of an event, but one of the teams was sadly delayed due to unforeseen travel issues and the match had to be cancelled.
Unusual NT or Not
#1 seems well described by a 1 overcall. I may bid my clubs if it seems suitable later. #2 could be a heart overcall. The side 5-bagger compensates for the marginal HCP. #3 seems misdirected to bid my second-best suit and silly to pass, so I will bid 2NT ...

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