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Alan Hierseman
Alan Hierseman
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March 13, 2014
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Oct. 18
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Bridge Player
about me

Played in the 80's, took time off for three boys and started up again in 2011. 

United States of America

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2012 300-500 National Mini Mckenny winner with big thanks to Jim Gross and others! Won Young Life Masters Pairs In Atlanta NABC 2013 with Doug Fjare.
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Gold Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Open Las Vegas Discussion Thread
My partner and I voted with our feet not to go to Nationals until a more reasonable start time happens. I also know many players who will not go for this reason. We will go to Regionals, play at 10 and 3 and then enjoy our wine with our dinner ...
Open Honolulu Discussion Thread
How about a radical idea. Change the NABC+ events to 10 and 3. No more rushing to beat the closing! More people will be able to play and play more days. You will sleep better. You will feel better. It is a no brainer for me.
Open Honolulu Discussion Thread
I am glad to know that they are using a web movement for a NABC+ event. The sorry part is that this not a "have to do" all the time in all events.
Hawaii NABC Childcare CANCELLED
My D15 was not aware of this issue in response to my email. Maybe others can weigh in on what their DD respond?
Hawaii NABC Childcare CANCELLED
Has anyone contacted their respective District Director? What do they say? I will send an email to my current District Director in D 15 and incoming District Director and see what they say. Will keep you posted.
"Under strength" 2!C opening bid - ruling?
I like to open a 4 loser hand or better as 2 Clubs. This hand is a 4 loser hand hence I would open 2 Clubs. No issue from me.
Hawaii NABC Needs Your Support
I know folks who have stopped going to NABC because the national events are not a 10 and 3 start. Why pay extra to play in a regional event? A compromise is needed. Maybe 11 and 4. The existing model is excluding players who would like to play. Can we ...
Hawaii NABC Needs Your Support
That is correct. In D15 the Unit board members voted for the District Director. That means you need to get on your Unit Board to start change!
NABC Contracts
In Kansas City it was strongly recommended to raise money for the national to supplement the money the ACBL budgeted. District 15 surcharged regional entries and Unit 131 was a big giver. The volunteers worked very hard raising money etc. Enough for me to say, no more Nationals needed, at ...
Summer NABC Wrapup
I always use this service when I go to a NABC. It makes a big difference in planning your day. No need to go and stand in line to pay. Very convenient. I agree with allowing individuals to be able to pay separately rather than as a team or a ...

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