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Common Game #12 7-15-19
2N - 3 3 - 5 5 - 6 6 - 7 2N: 20-22 for us. Playing 21-22 you might upgrade. 5: Exclusion 1430 6: Spiral Scan, asking for K. Instead, you could just bid 6 at MPs 6: K, no ...
Continuations after opener's jump shift
It seems to me that Responder should take charge, not Opener. Assuming that the jump shift shows 19+ with 5+4, it looks like a possible slam in Diamonds. We play Kickback which isn't possible here and so we would play 4NT as RKC 1430. After 5 ...
Restricted Choice - or not?
RobG: My assessment was that he would always play K from KQ tight and he did; so, to that extent, I was right. After that, cereris paribus, it's a guess is it not? Yes, I played for the drop. I thought that the play of the K was made ...
Restricted Choice - or not?
Thanks for all the comments. As it happens I got it right for an outright top. The only other pair in 4 went down.
Restricted Choice - or not?
Well, maybe I should have said that, IMO, RHO would always play the K against (relatively) mediocre opposition like me. I expect he would play randomly against another expert.
Crunch Time
This may be a long shot but ... since so many world class players are staying away from Turkey, is it too late to organise a counter tournament in the US on the same dates? I would have thought that would send a very powerful message and nobody would have to ...
2!C as 5-card Major Stayman
With my regular partners I play 2 Puppet Stayman provided that Responder is at least Invitational. We like to bid 1NT with a 5cM so that 1M-2x-2M would show a 6+ card Major. Invitational, with any 3/4cM and potential ruffing value, Responder uses Puppet. It would probably even ...
Richard Granville's bidding problem: Q 7532 4 AKT8743
In my regular partnerships, an opening 2nt is a transfer to 3; 3nt would be a transfer to 4.
Best defense against Big Club?
MAR: "Whatever your strong 1NT defense is, it is likely to work against strong 1 (or 1)" This is exactly what I do with my two main partners using MultiLandy (when we have any reasonable excuse) to get the bidding up to at least the 2-level as soon ...
The Death of Teams

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