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Alan Powell
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June 11, 2018
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United States of America

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Owner of Essex Bridge Center, Livingston NJ
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Ruby Life Master
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Motions before the Memphis BoD: Item 191-13
As a club owner, I would appreciate limits on the number and/or type of tournaments that can be held in October. How about no sectionals and no STACs in October across the entire ACBL. Then perhaps clubs would be better able to take advantage of special games, team and ...
Test your analysis, COMMON GAME 13 DEC BOARD 5
This is more of an existential problem I think. If your crocodile eats itself is there still a crocodile?
Do You Count Your Cards?
Anything can happen in a club game. While directing, I was summoned by a player who pointed at a player in the next row and said that gentleman has a card in his pant cuff. Three tables earlier, he had dropped a card the hand had been played with 12 ...
Funny comment by a novice
I think superfluity has a surplus of letters as the surfeit contained within would suffice.
Once Again, Regrettfully, The "New ACBL Charts"
The Goldman Pairs at the Spring NYC Regional is a 4 session regional event. I don't know of any others but there is at least one.
ACBL Club Appreciation Team games.
I have had some success newer players and the gold dusting swiss teams. Player with zero gold like to see some appear on their bulletin. We could always advertise it as better gold/dollar than a trip to Honolulu.
ACBL Club Appreciation Team games.
Well I looked it up and it turns out there is a New Jersey State Fair held in August so that is out. I think there may be a conflict with the donkey judging. Allowing a wider range of time than one month would allow clubs to take advantage of ...
ACBL Club Appreciation Team games.
October is filled with local competing events every year. Perhaps a different month or a range of months would be better? This year alone had a one week regional in our district, the district NAP final, A week of STAC and 3 days of a poplar regional in the neighboring ...
Club GNT Game
I think our district field sizes for GNT and NAP are similar as well. I think its both team vs pair and the fact that the GNT is not required for participation. Teams for our club are typically a special event scheduled once a month.(tournaments and holidays permitting) As ...
Question emailed to me.
Its a trick question. Clubs are a round suit.
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