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June 11
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Owner of Essex Bridge Center, Livingston NJ
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questions for club owners
1. Unit 140 mostly concentrates on running their 4 sectionals and 3 STACs and a few other events. 2. I am not aware of LBIAD happening locally. We run our own beginner startup as detailed in another post. 3. I do some advertising in the local papers in advance of ...
Jackpots in club games - Increase attendance?
we have an optional $2 per pair pool at every open game. Highest percentage among participating pairs wins. Size run from $0-10 depending on who attends. Those who participate like it. Those who don't couldn't care less. I doubt any would change their attendance habits if it disappeared.
Secret Sauce
We do not take our show on the road. The trick is to get them to come to the club. You need their cars to wear grooves in the pavement to the club. Transplanting players from an offsite location to the club doesn't take well. One step out of ...
Secret Sauce
I had noticed a lot of posts saying that free lessons don't work, don't ever mention the word duplicate and other things about not scaring away players. I wanted to show that our experience has been the opposite. Start them out the way you want them to finish ...
Club Play...Results
Steve is right about the telescoping nature of player revenue. You start out with a group of new players playing once a week and taking some lessons. As time passes the number of players that started in that group shrinks, but the number of times per week they play grows ...
Club Play...Results
As a Club Owner If I could have the ACBL change one thing, it would be the increase for first time membership to $49 for one year. One month memberships will not be effective recruiting tools. Asking brand new people to pay for 3 year memberships to get a discount ...
Club Play...Results
I am not necessarily a fan of the current ACBL policy of handing out sanctions to anyone anywhere, but dividing up territory per sanction is more like a franchise. It makes me worry about things like: 1. How territories are awarded to individuals? Seems like ACBL/District/Unit Politics would ...
Learning about our Forum: Club Play
Some day I would like to play bridge again for fun.
For Club Managers
We absorb the cost of the STAC (5.00 a table for our unit) By running 3 (Open, 499 and 199er) team games in addition to our regular schedule we show a profit. Otherwise its a wash between the slight increase in regular table count and the STAC fees. Now ...
ACBL Board of Governors Teacher and Club Manager Committee
I don't believe club appreciation games cost you any extra money. Just the regular sanction fee of $1 dollar a table.
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