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Alan Shillitoe
Alan Shillitoe
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May 4, 2015
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about me

English Bridge's chief babysitter.

United Kingdom

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the saint
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Big Data : digital data from analogue Bridge. Distributed, total bridge data via sites worldwide with add/read APIs
Have a word with Florentin Axinte - he's already offering a product that runs queries on the VG datasets. The quality of data recording by VG operators means there's gaps and glitches in the database - player names, duff sets and a few other bits that are a PITA to ...
Bidding philosophy
I'm bidding something, probably 2S, because it's far too boring not to.
Rating Study from ACBL Tournaments
One query - and as I'm from England I'm not just blindly pushing NGS, this is me asking a question because I don't have the time to research the fine detail myself. The English NGS is ostensibly an individual system, but does also produce partnership ratings. How would ...
Lost in Translation?
I thought the words ridiculous hence my weak effort at a piss take since that was what they deserved. Tom's probably had broader appeal to this forum as I doubt many others were watching BBC2 comedies in the late 90s.
Lost in Translation?
Didn't realise Swiss Tony wrote bridge books...
Merijn Groenenboom's bidding problem: Q7432 Q32 K32 J6
Wondering how best to get to 4H on the Moysian - could easily be right.
Pretend it is 1993 and you’re at a bridge club.
They need to have smokers and non-smokers entrances for these WBF/EBL events - including the junior ones. The air inside might be clean, but within 10 feet of the entrance requires breathing apparatus.
Pretend it is 1993 and you’re at a bridge club.
Fishbein, pinpoint astro, extended stayman and stayman in doubt.
A better rating system
Mine dropped seven points after the birth of my child. I can assure you that was pretty accurate.
Dealmaster Pro

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