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Alan Shillitoe
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May 4, 2015
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English Bridge's chief babysitter.

United Kingdom

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the saint
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Zimmerman Reinstated as Winners of Rosenblum Cup 2018
I might applaud them when they give you your 2008 gold...
Bridge and politics
The same Brian Whittle who represented GB in the 4x400 relay and was a bit of a ledge last leg runner IIRC. He knows a thing or two about international competition!
Drop-Outs from World Championships
Same thing happens in junior events - Europe ends up getting more entries into the events. Costs are much harder to meet here, especially for small nations and for long haul trips. In the adult age groups, there may be a wealthy sponsor to cover costs. In the junior ones, that ...
World Bridge Games ("Olympiad") 2020
I had a conversation along these lines last time I chatted with Peter G a few tears ago. My experience from working in schools-level programs is that actually money is the last piece of the puzzle that should be fitted in. Before that you absolutely need a solid plan & framework ...
Looking for a bridge club in Southampton
Shame, I spent a few happy evenings in there during my student days. Including a deal flat in 3N-8!
Director Behavior for I/N Events at Nationals
The World Pairs of all events should be issuing time penalties. If you can't (or won't) run that event properly, when would you?
I know exactly the sort of thing you're talking about. We've probably played the same speedballs. However, the problem is that the only speedballs that ever get played are usually involving fields that are half-drunk or playing for a laugh because it's done as an afterthought late ...
I've advocated a serious speedball bridge championship for ages. Half the time on the clock, penalties strictly enforced. Not a drinking event. Would be great to play in.
Open letter to Robb Gordon
Nah. Disagree. Looked at that for 30 seconds and had generic defences based on general principles to all of it pretty quickly. I stand by my view that the vast majority of Bridge players are lazy. Were they not so, there wouldn't be anything in there to terrify them.
What is an Expert in EBUland?
I'm not claiming to be an expert, but I'm a case study in how external factors can affect recent form. When we had my little boy my rating dropped by up to seven points over the next year. That's sleep deprivation for you! It's a lot ...

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