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Alan Shillitoe
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May 4, 2015
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English Bridge's chief babysitter.

United Kingdom

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the saint
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Nutrition/fitness levels of top bridge pros
In that case I've got a whole list of edges from Sport Science for you. If people can be bothered to make the effort!
Nutrition/fitness levels of top bridge pros
Nutrition/fitness levels of top bridge pros
One problem is quantifying what kind of edge this stuff gives you. If you could guarantee half an imp per board we'd probably have the fittest athletes of any sport!
Nutrition/fitness levels of top bridge pros
Visualising a skill to master it, yes. Developing the endurance to reproduce that skill perfectly over many hours, no.
Nutrition/fitness levels of top bridge pros
It's not just about being fit. It's about being fit for purpose. There is some translation between physical/health stamina and mental health/stamina and I do think that in terms of maximising this aspect that most bridge players are woefully deficient. However, the principle of training specificity ...
Future NABC sites?
Suggestion from the NFL. Hold an NABC in Europe!
Top Bridge Pros' Tax Woes Continue
Romanes eunt domus
Monaco Decline 2014 EBL Gold Medal!
Basically Monaco get to look gracious without having to actually answer any difficult questions. Which need to be asked and answered.
Monaco Decline 2014 EBL Gold Medal!
Shouldn't they be declining any medal at all? This position of Monaco is as nonsensical as Poland's regarding the bronze. If they think F/N were guilty then obviously they should give up all medals. If they think they were innocent then they should accept the gold. This ...
Avons...Under the Table.....follow up
Via a BW user who offered to get copies imported to the UK on a one-off basis for anyone who was interested a few weeks back. I guess I spend too much time reading the threads on here to miss that one!

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