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Alan Shillitoe
Alan Shillitoe
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May 4, 2015
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English Bridge's chief babysitter.

United Kingdom

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the saint
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Snowball in Hell
I remember DG doing something similar to me many years ago in a random YC dupe. Confidently bid Grand needing 3 or 4 finesses and a 3-3 break. Nobody else in anything more than game...
Bridge is a sport. What else? by José Damiani
I consider it to be a mind sport, not a sport.
Bridge is a sport. What else? by José Damiani
I'd forgotten about the air taxes stuff, but apart from that everything was paid for for three weeks all told - flights, food and board. And those team numbers are correct. They created an U28 section - the only time they have run one - and invited anyone who had seen a ...
Richard Granville's bidding problem: AK83 Q64 AKJ75 A
This hand has partner holding 3334 shape and 4-1 diamond break written all over it...
Bidding problem What is your guess?
Just do what the rest of us do and stick a couple of diamonds in with the hearts when you put down dummy.
Is Bridge a sport ? The F-N case.
As I keep saying, it is not a sport but it is also not not-a-sport. It is something else - a mind sport and needs to be treated as such. The powers that be keep trying to force this square peg into a round hole, but inaction is not the answer ...
Poll on the World Bridge Federation's involvement with the Olympic movement
My view was and remains that attempting to shoehorn Bridge, Chess and the rest into the IOC under the current framework is a nonsense. The IMSA was a step in the right direction, and it is this that should be recognised by the IOC as a separate wing - the Mind ...
Who Will Win the English Open Trials?
You're right it wasn't the key factor but it's one thing that group got right.
Who Will Win the English Open Trials?
Who Will Win the English Open Trials?
No it isn't. But the same principles of team dynamics still apply as they would across pretty much any activity.

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