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None of Peg's business.

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What is Normal?
Randy, you can say that if you want, but in effect, you are suggesting that play be curtailed. Bt the Laws, that is treated as a claim. I and every other tournament director I've discussed this with agree on this interpretation.
What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
Richard, regarding your last suggestion, that sounds more like punishment for the rest of the room, at least in most cases.
On computer versus hand shuffling
Had what felt like an unusual deal yesterday. All four players' hands were 4-3-3-3.
Why is this day different from all others?
ER, the event in question was neither flighted nor stratified.
David Coles's bidding problem: T87 965 KQ86 Q43
I guess it would show the same strength hand with a spade stopper, but I wouldn't want to play 2NT if partner wasn't strong enough to raise me to 3NT. If I had a double stopper, or even 1.5 stoppers in spades, I might have bid 1NT ...
David Coles's bidding problem: T87 965 KQ86 Q43
In my partnerships, 3 in this sequence would be showing a stopper. I agree that the hand is too good for 3. That's why I chose 3. If partner raises clubs, I can always go back to diamonds. Corrected typo.
David Coles's bidding problem: T87 965 KQ86 Q43
What does 3 mean?
Why is this day different from all others?
David Burn, the answer to your question mainly has to do with the ACBL policy on the number of overall awards per bracket. Given that they want to run round robins with six to eight boards per match and play forty-eight or 49 boards (traditionally), nine team brackets maximize the ...
Crowdfunding for New Bridge Organization
Richard, he means that your brother-in-law, who is not an EBU member, signs all of the contracts. Insert appropriate friend or relative for brother-in-law, if necessary.
Open Letter to ACBL Board of Directors -- Housing Bureau, NABC Rooms, Montreal Summer NABC
Still don't see the difference. Might have changed which ACBL members needed to find alternative housing but wouldn't have changed how many ACBL members need to find alternative housing. Maybe a few of those who will/can only stay on site might have benefited from a reminder that ...
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