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Running Two session events
To John Adams: I've never seen ACBLScore do that. No insult intended, but I would bet that the problems were caused by your unfamiliarity with the process. That being said, doing crossovers is sometimes very frustrating.
One Disillusioned NLM
The final ruling was made by a panel of directors. If I remember correctly, their names were listed in the article about the appeal in the daily bulletin.
A new type of regionals
I just felt like piling on.
A new type of regionals
Don't forget about the Petoskey regional. Only 93 miles away.
The BR Ruling: Questions that Perplex Me
The ACBL's approach is pretty much the same as Gordon's for NABC+ events.
Your Opinion on This Director Call and Possible Re-call?
1. I would not have called the director when you did, even if I were inclined to call the director at some point. Yes, there should have been an alert rather than an announcement, but you don't say that you knew for sure that the announcement didn't match ...
Defender's claim challenged by declarer
Some years ago, I was directing in the regional open pairs at an NABC with a senior director shadowing me for training purposes. I was called to a table for this exact situation. After I ruled in favor of the defender, the declarer made me (as was their right) dig ...
MORE Fat-Cat Board of Directors Largesse! :(
For accuracy, please note that Sharon Fairchild, District 5, is retiring from the board. This was her last meeting. Whatever the reason for her vote, it wasn't to line her own pockets.
Who's the Joker?
Rohit, 48 cards total in the four usual suits. Two of each, A, 10, K,Q,J and 9. (In pinochle, the 10 is the second highest card in the suit.)
The Hand That Changed The World (of Claims)
So you are saying that this hypothetical someone else has exposed his hand to suggest that play be curtailed?
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