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Alex Kolesnik
Alex Kolesnik
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Sept. 15, 2010
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Etter and Kolesnik USBC
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Irina and Alex USBC
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What does this bid mean?
My hand was x, KJTx, AKJx, Q98x. I usually play 3D over 1N as 5-5 slammish. I should have bid 2D and then 3D.
What does this bid mean?
Yes. Kate suggests below to bid 2C, then 3S over 2D, to show the diamond splinter. That did not occur to me.
What does this bid mean?
Maybe he was correct, but not matching at all my intent!
What does this bid mean?
Ha! It was me bidding this way with Michael. I somehow got it into my mind that we would be on the same wavelength, but I guess there is a huge number of ways that this can be played. Michael was certainly very thoughtful and took lots of time to ...
Update from world youth championships
Thanks for the working link. It looks like BBO is showing one U26 and one U21 match, though neither match has the US teams. Maybe that will change later in the day (or night for those of you in the Western Hemisphere).
"You got it wrong."
That’s what they said at the table.5 diamonds is cold.
"You got it wrong."
Yes, Finn did double 6h, holding three aces. I was a little confused, as I was holding the ace of trumps. We did gain IMPs. Our auction 1S (not 1C with 6-5)-P-2H -3D-P-4D-4N (ace asking)-X (Finn had Axxxx, void, AKJxxx, Ax)-5C (0 or 3, ignoring the double ...
A GNT Debacle: Too Many Winners
Ray, the first two statements weren't conflicting, I was with Walt and HE asked. I know that Walt is liked by very few, one of the assisting directors kicked him out of a bridge club for no reason. I can confirm(and everybody else that was there can) that ...
A GNT Debacle: Too Many Winners
It depends on the case, but here for sure. There were plenty of things we might've done differently. Additionally Ellis pointed out that he would have sent a double back had it been vps.
WBF U26 Online Championship Round 5: USA vs. Canada
I checked with Joe Stokes, and he sent his letter to every kid in the junior training program. He did not send it to parents (I know my kids, so make sure to get emails like this one). He also did not send it to the mentors. So every kid ...

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