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Laura Farrer's bidding problem: A ATxxx xxx Q8xx
Kieran and Richard, I guess we'll have to agree to disagree -- I'm not saying it's a good idea to have 2H be ambiguous, I AM saying that with most partners it actually IS (so game is a gamble, though a fair one, and slam is wild after ...
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: Axxx KQT9xxx Q x
Many years ago I used to subscribe to "Australian Bridge" and I remember that opener's rebid in a new suit was popularly played as forcing in Australia; checking it online now however seems to suggest this is not the case any more (the "AB Standard" system they use in ...
Laura Farrer's bidding problem: A ATxxx xxx Q8xx
Kieran, the original poster specified (it's right at the top of this thread) "Opener will bid 1s on any hand with 4s - but he does have at least 3 clubs"; given this style, and the fact that 2C could sometimes be necessary with just 3 cards in clubs, I ...
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: Axxx KQT9xxx Q x
I agree that H may well play better -- that's typical of "swans" (7-4 hands) -- but if partner could rebid S that would change the picture. Since strength-wise (playing tricks) the hand's between 3H and 4H, I let the S-rebid possibility sway me to 3H -- partner's much more ...
Laura Farrer's bidding problem: A ATxxx xxx Q8xx
I consider 4H a (fair) gamble because with most partners one risks opener having a minimum 4=3=3=3, just choosing a heart fit that might be 5-3 over a club one that might even be 3-3; weak diamonds and spade waste may well make 4H a 0% proposition.
Two textbook hands.
To answer the original Q, which nobody's addressing -- I'd play D to Q (but duck if LHO plays K or J first), back to hand w/Spade A, D again. I'm playing for KJ([potentially x0 of D on my left, or K10 or Kx (again, potentially ...
Laura Farrer's bidding problem: A ATxxx xxx Q8xx
The likely (though not certain) D shortness with opener makes it well worth gambling a vulnerable game at IMPs.
Peiyush Jain's bidding problem: ATxxx --- AQTxxx xx
A "takeout" double of 4H must be flexible -- partner can pass much more often than he'd pass a takeout double of, say, 1H. This hand can't risk defending 4HX! If/when 4S is doubled and comes back to me, I'll try 5D...
The Pass, the Bash, and the Ugly
...actually found the system notes, is/was a Google Doc of differences from KSU, and I had s/thing wrong (4M natural, not Texas). Mail me at aleaxit at and I'll gladly share the read-link, the whole NT system is right there as "Morgan Transfers" as is ...
The Pass, the Bash, and the Ugly
Sure! 2C NF Stayman (can be garbage); resp. rebid 2H is `misery`/garbage, 2S inv. 2D inv. or better 5+H; 2H/S, 3C/D, 3N sign-offs; 2N, GF 5+S; 4D/H Texas. Plenty of weird specialized artificial meanings for slam exploration w/ 3H/S, 4C/S/N, and ...
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