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Alex Perlin
Alex Perlin
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Oct. 7, 2010
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8 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
going down 8 in 6NT with 10 solid spades in dummy
Bridge Accomplishments
TWO last places in the final of national open BAM; 8/8 missing day 2 of Reisinger; 5/5 missing day 3 of Platinum
Favorite Tournaments
Platinum Pairs and Reisinger
Favorite Conventions
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Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
What is going on?
This is what happens, when after an auction P - 2N; 6N - 7N a panel of experts is required to choose the worst bid.
Balicki-Zmudzinski May Play Freely in EBL!
It is going to pain me to write this comment. I used to really like Adam Z. He was fun to kibitz and for 3 years between 2012 and 2015 I thought I could learn something from him. Nevertheless, I would be remiss not to point out a fundamental data ...
Have you ever seen this auction before?
I perpetrated this auction (1) - 4 on board 16 of the 2nd final of Blue Ribbon Pairs in Denver 2015. At the time we played this call as showing 6 spades, a 5 card minor and enough playing strength to be in game. While my hand roughly matched ...
Horrible ruling : Daily Bulletin March 17, page 9
For avoidance of ambiguity, I find the tone and language of the OP and subsequent comments by the same person completely unacceptable. My call for taking the high road is a statement that when we deal with confrontational posts like that, we can and should treat third parties with proper ...
Horrible ruling : Daily Bulletin March 17, page 9
EW partnership are friends of mine. I frequently challenge them for online matches, because they are nice people who generally play sound and occasionally inspired bridge right down the middle. It is a great practice for national events. I have been playing in tournaments for about 18 years. Never in ...
Digging the spade suit
Partner and I discussed this one with a small variation that LHO actually raised to 4D. We thought declarer should play a spade to the ace. Assume both follow low. Then play HA, DA tossing H from dummy, HK, club from dummy to the ace in hand, then exit spade ...
Reisinger Gems
That was memorable. Having scored only 7.5 in the first session, I was just hoping, maybe, we could improve a bit and cobble together a semblance of a decent set. First board out of the box we bid 1N-3N like we are supposed to. And then we get this ...
Swings and other matters
Hello Henry, All of us have seen many individual boards that exhibited low variation of results, perhaps, a long string of 420s and 450s or a partscore hand with results ranging from -50 to +110. A swiss match can certainly be composed of two such low variance hands and five ...
Alex Perlin's bidding problem: JT94 K3 AJ762 Q5
Opener: AKQ63 AQ75 K84 2 Responder: 8752 J82 Q953 94
Alex Perlin's bidding problem: JT94 K3 AJ762 Q5
Partner chose to bid this way with void / T964 / T / AKJT8763 With the ace of hearts predictably onside 3NT makes. Those 84 hands just scream for playing in no trump :)

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