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To Sabine and Roy
Agree. This electonic playing evironment will propably fix this, but at what cost? I hope this never happens
To Sabine and Roy
Where is the dislike-button when you need it? Tablets is an awful idea. Sitting at the same place the whole tourney is even worse. How would that work? Each player getting their own room with only their tablet? Table-feeling, the social aspect. This is so wrong in so many ways ...
Concede or play on?
Of course LHO should understand that there are no future in diamonds, but still.... why should you declare AND defend for opps? What if you played 6NT and had xxx to QJx in spades. You need to give opps a trick to get a squeeze going. Would you concede?
10 weeks
Felix: I think you are right, but its so much cooler to show how good you are and claim on a two-sided squeeze in trick two :)
10 weeks
I understand that a player, in the heat of the moment, can call the director in case like this. But he has a chance to regret calling the TD :) From the law LAW 81 - THE DIRECTOR C. Director’s Duties and Powers The Director (not the players) has the responsibility ...
10 weeks
I think the ruling by the TD is correct. If you see the blockage problem you would certainly mention that in your claim. You can not compare this problem to a hand where you have AKQ opposite Jxxxxx or A opposite KQJ1098. In the hand in question there might not ...
Where were the journalists?
I agree. When you look at the time and effort that was needed in the four ongoing cases there is no doubt that this is too much to ask from a (at best) part time writer. These cases has shown that not even the WBF and EBL has had the ...
Norwegian Rumor?
many people know what team and which players this is about, but as long as there has been any official statement yet, we need to wait. Counting on to come with a statement during this day or tomorrow. I'm also waiting for a statement from Vennerød On ...
Norwegian Rumor?
I would be shocked if Boye - Espen Lindqvist hadn't been asked to represent Norway. Maybe they said no to avoid speculation about motives...? Understandable...
Brogeland is right
This is not so hard to understand. After the cases of FS and FN has been revealed I have had some thought about this. I have never focused on theese things at all. I have never thought about the possibility that this is a way of cheating. Of course I ...

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