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Aug. 10, 2017
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ACBL Live über alles
One major difference is that it takes more programming work to automatically scrape the information off the Live for Club website with all the formatting than it does to parse the information from the game file (which is in plain text format). I can write a computer program to pull ...
Double on bergen/mixed raise
George Klemic - I know this isn't what the laws say, but I want to say that people who don't give a reasonable amount of disclosure on the first question asked to them ought to get what they deserve.
Mini-Blue vs. 0-2500 Young Pairs vs. Daily Pairs Difficulty
My masterpoint expectation in regional open pairs is definitely higher than 1 per session, and would be pretty close to that even without stratification. I think the BRP would have to award about a billion masterpoints for my expectation in it to be above 1 per session. (Well, I suppose ...
Mini-Blue vs. 0-2500 Young Pairs vs. Daily Pairs Difficulty
Even as an average fish, I appreciate having an occasional club game where the guppies have decided to stay home and the game isn't decided by the random tops they give out. I imagine the whales and sharks feel the same way about us.
Action over 1S?
I would like to pass, but I do sometimes play with CHOs I can't trust to balance on x Kxxx Qxxx Kxxx
Thoughts on the makeup of the BoD.
From where I sit, it looks like you're asking rural bridge players to subsidize urban bridge players. Why should I have any of my money spent attracting new bridge players when none of those new bridge players will live within 80 miles of me, and no more than a ...
Is this 3!d bid forcing?
I strongly prefer 2N(*) as an artificial weakness showing relay after a reverse, so that 3 promises a non-minimum response. This should ordinarily be forcing to game, but, since the 1N response was limited, if 2 was a psych, West can pass. (*) Some prefer to use the cheapest ...
ACBL Live über alles
@Michael - no - the game is scored by hand, and the results are handwritten into a form which is mailed to ACBL headquarters. I wouldn't be surprised if the deadline is when the person who types these mailed-in game reports into the computer is retiring.
New suit forcing after overcall or not?
@Buddy - Yes, in my new suit advances are forcing partnership, our normal system is very old fashioned, to the point of forcing jump raises not in competition. Playing our normal system would be a big disadvantage in a good field. It's what my partner can handle. He's a ...
Jacoby transfer followed by minor followups
This all makes sense, but is there some system this is part of so that you aren't individually memorizing a set of responses for every 1N-2R-2M-3m sequence?
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