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July 25, 2016
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April 10, 2018
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Those #@%$& Bot Leads
I do a fair amount of Stayman skipping and Stayman lying already. One of the advantages of an anti-field no-trump opening is that opps have less information when you play 3N. In theory you might end up playing 3N when you should be in 4M, but a lot of the ...
Moysian Fit Declarer Play
Form of scoring? Strength of field? State of game/match? At MP pairs, your goal might simply be to go down less than the folks in 3N; you might play safe for -50 if the Q is offside.
Should District 9 have resigned?
I'm guessing it doesn't make too much of a difference over 15 boards, but does it matter much that the results on a single board aren't normally distributed? (For example, if we consider every board to be a coin flip for +/- 8 IMPs, then the odds become ...
Kevin Costello's lead problem: QT5 KT83 T3 Q642
Switch the hearts and diamonds and it's a harder problem.
Protection after a weak 1NT
I would not seriously consider pass. Double, 2N, and 3C are all reasonable possibilities, though 3C stands out as being least likely to be misinterpreted. However, class of player is really relevant here. The average club player hasn't learned that letting opps play in 2M tends to be really ...
Protection after a weak 1NT
This is a legitimate possibility, but I'd only worry about it at IMPs where -620 is actually a much worse score than -170.
The Worst Convention Ever
At IMPs, I don't object to giving up 6 IMPs on the pair of hands I posted (since a more solid style gets you gains elsewhere, and sometimes the IMP loss is 0). At MPs with that style, you're getting eaten alive in any decent field.
The Worst Convention Ever
Richard - I suppose you don't subscribe to the modern tendency to double a weak 2 with, say, xx KQxx Qxx KQxx? Do you balance with xxx xx AKJxx Jxx? Or are you happy to lose some double part score swings as the price for more accurate game bidding?
Unlucky, or should it be bid differently?
What did 2 show? (The south hand doesn't have a solid enough heart suit to make a positive with my usual agreements.)
Active Ethics; System Pre-Alerts
You're not required to pre-alert anything, but I think you should pre-alert "strong club with unusual responses," and in addition ask opponents if they want you to say "alert, and this does not have the usual alertable meaning" on 1(!) - 1(!). And there are some clubs where ...
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