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Allan Graves
Allan Graves
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March 19, 2011
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July 22
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about me

Bridge Teacher and professional player Interested in : Bridge Teaching focus and methods Meditation ( Mindfullness /Awareness training ) practice for bridge players.  University degree in Education. Member Canadian bridge Hall of Fame ,2017 Senior world Champion  USA team , 15 Canadian and USA National Championships. ( 3 of those we renounced but ACBL refused to honour our request)  Feel free to contact me for more information and resources. University major and credentials in Student Centered Education. 


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Canadian Bridge Hall of fame. 2017 Senior World Champion USA, ACBL Grand Life master . 15 Canadian and USA National championships
Favorite Conventions
18-19 balanced 2D opener
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Grand Life Master
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Thanks, Fred Gitelman
Thanks Fred and Sheri and of course Magic
How many Countries can you represent in your life?
The current regulations seem reasonable in that some time must pass . This is not really an issueI IMO . It is OK if the best players in the world are playing in the World Championships as long as they are legal residents of the country they are playing for.
Avon Wilsmore's bidding problem: K8652 AQ8 K872 7
Who did something other than 1s in a world championship ?
Proposing a Simple Rule for Good-Bad 2NT
Only by opener , only when opps have raised or implied raise to 2 Major and responder has bid at the one level neg X , 1M or 1NT. Having those constraints result in a solid imp gain ratio. Probably should change to bad good but not worth fretting over .
On counting tricks.
Jeff Bayonne I was replying to Jeff L . LOL.I forgot there were more Jeff’s Please forgive me . The most important point perhaps is that beginners feel confident in playing the game and developing an appreciation that Bridge is accessible regardless of skill level as long as you are ...
On counting tricks.
Dear Jeff . I don't think you read my post carefully. That is ok, I won't take it personally .Both on defense and in the bidding counting winning tricks is the key planning tool, Your winning tricks first, then of course , their winning tricks. You do this during the ...
On counting tricks.
I agree 100% with a focus on winning tricks ( before the defence achieves their winning tricks goal ) and with those arguments supporting that approach. It also applies to defensive card play. You do the learner a great disservice by focusing on losers ahead of winners. Rank ( may involve promotion)," Length ...
A good general agreement for all partnerships is " all doubles are non penalty until we find a fit. Then Doubles are penalty " From that you make a list of exceptions. Ergo this double is penalty . Kit's logic is as good as any so I see no need to make ...
WOLFSON is Senior USA2
Very well done
Crunch Time
That is brilliant Kit It is exactly how Ghandi approached many such issues.

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