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Ally Whiteneck
Ally Whiteneck
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March 5, 2014
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Jan. 14, 2018
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Howard Schutzman and I put together celebrity programs for beginners and intermediates for clubs to use via the internet...Jerry Helms, Ron Klinger, Marty Bergen and Barbara Seagram. They are the same type of presentations given when traveling in person to club, only can be accessed with actual hands and voice commentary by the speakers themselves by a simple click to a link on the internet
Regular Bridge Partners
Marilynli (China) and Aloha9 (Hawaii)
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Meckwell and xyz
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Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Spiral Raises
MP question- 1D:1H and opener's turn to bid with 0-3-6-4 hand and 11 HCP concentrated in the minors. If the goal is to avoid NT with 0 spades, will spiral work better? i.e. 1D:1H:2H rather than 1D:1H:2C?
Strong Jump Shift
Ally Whiteneck's bidding problem: QT3 J9643 T72 QJ
If people choose to open this 2N with this 4441 shape because their partnership agreement is the first suit bid is always longer than the second, then they will expect partner to have at least 5 diamonds. Therefore I chose to show both hands so the answers could reflect a ...
Strong Jump Shift
the reason is without knowing what one's opening bid will be, the subsequent bids make no sense. For those who open 2N, the follow up bids will be quite different and it is difficult to ascertain the sequence with just one bid shown
Strong Jump Shift
Strong Jump Shift
I have made all the necessary changes and would appreciate your opinion. Also, that was not my post with the clubs and diamonds switched.
Strong Jump Shift
Strong Jump Shift
happy with your bidding style, it is just not our agreement
Strong Jump Shift
I put in the club bid now for your vote
Ally Whiteneck's bidding problem: QT3 J9643 T72 QJ
for those who bid 3D, what is your next bid as opener? ... with: KJ87 k AKT9 AK96 21 HCP, H-K working, 4 loser hand.

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