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Problems with a strong 2!c Opening Bid
Recent decades have brought about improvement sin the old-fashioned 2 opening and responses. Kokish (Birthright) is perhaps the most widely-known and used. Here are some other ideas, none of which are original with me. One of the most difficult hand types for opener to bid is a strong minor ...
Value of Support Doubles?
Consider playing support doubles when fourth hand either advances a takeout double or raises his partner's overcall (to the two level). Consider laying penalty or optional doubles otherwise.
Against suits, playing 3rd from even, low from odd,
The question is how can you know before making an opening lead, and seeing dummy, whether the third card is too important to blindly lead it. Against notrump, perhaps it is better to be consistent and lead fourth-highest when not holding a sequence.
Against suits, playing 3rd from even, low from odd,
Partner should not be leading his fifth card from an even number of cards in the suit. If he has a six-card suit, he should lead third highest if not holding a sequence at the top of the suit. Apply the rule of 12 (subtract three from 15) to determi9ne ...
What is a ‘convention’?
Re: "The natural meaning of any bid is that the bidder is prépared to play at the contract named" "(..) "and expects to win"." Actually, no. If I preemptively raise 1 to 3 (or 4 for that matter), I merely expect to be allowed to play that contract ...
what is 4!d?
Cannot play an unknown major, because opener has an unknown major at that stage. You could wind up with both opener and overcaller holding the same major.
Reverse bidding with 4-4
The Wolff signoff also gets you to 3 when opener holds two spades and responder holds five. Hence, it is no better (and one level higher) than a transfer bid over a 1NT opening. s
What is a ‘convention’?
The laws have dropped the use of the term "convention." Once upon a time, it meant what James wrote - there were natural bids (offers to play at the level and in the strain named), treatments (offers to play in the strain at a higher level that one has bid and ...
Jacoby Transfer super-acceptances
Don't show a doubleton. Show a concentration of strength in a new suit, so that partner can evaluate his fit. Bid 2NT with a trump suit (even HHx) holding two of the top three honors, allowing partner to raise in NT with the third honor (esp. valuable at MPs ...
Length Leads against NT
At NT, this was a part of Journalist Leads, and seeks to take away declarer's ability to count the suit. It is playable, but not widely played. Count leads (such as fourth-best, or third and low) help both sides count the suit, but this may be a disadvantage; and ...

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