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July 23, 2012
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Complicated 3NT
I'm confused. It seems, from the hand diagram, that it was N-S who bid 1 - 3NT, but neither the bidding diagram nor the cards played to trick one reflect this. Please fix this to make it easier to read.
Common Game Friday 17 May
On the second hand posted. my partner bid 4 over 3. I passed, and she received a spade lead, winning in dummy, took a ruffing finesse in diamonds, ruffing out the king, and then knocked out the ace of trumps. Cold for six. How can we bid the ...
Question for those playing CYZ
I fixed the comment,. It was based on this type of auction, which definitely shows a six card or longer suit: 1X - 1y; 1z - 2♣; 2♦ - 3y.
Question for those playing CYZ
I agree with Adams' "All invites go through 2♣. Auction 2 is a powerful hand setting spades for slam purposes with good trumps. I already have 2 ways to invite using 2♣... rebidding 2♠, or rebidding 3♠." What is the difference between 1 - 1; 1 - 2 ...
The dreaded 15 point hand
"The bidding goes 1♦-1♥-1NT. How many points do you have?" Typically, 12-14 if playing "standard American" or 1 2/1 base with "strong notrumps" (actually medium notrumps). I might upgrade some 11 points hands, or downgrade some 15 point hands if UI feel they belong in this range ...
Not all reverses are made in higher ranking suits. Despite the BW definition, some reverses are made in lower ranking suits. Provided that the reverser's partner has immediately previously bid in a lower ranking suit, the reverser can bid in a still-lower suit, thereby reversing. This approach offers a ...
Bridge World has the definition quoted above. But it is not the way that most others think of a reverse. Just eliminate the reference to a lower-ranking suit, and add the condition that the reverser not bypass the cheapest raise of his partner's bid.
Steve: Technically, this is not correct: "A reverse is any rebid by Opener or Responder of a new suit whose rank is above their first suit bid. Some limit this to “1-over-1” auctions." A better way to express the idea of a reverse is that the reverser bypasses the cheapest ...
I play in three clubs in Brooklyn, New York. In the SCC game, we have "ordinary" bridge players, including some holding c. 4000-5000+ masterpoints. There I do not need to ask about opener's strength in reversing. However, I sometimes need to ask about responder's bidding, such as when ...
Grassroots Participation in ACBL Elections
I am not writing satire. People become involved in politics because it affords them an opportunity to improve their situation, and are willing to spend money to achieve the changes they seek. For some, this involves seeking and holding office; for others, it means financing and lobbying for change. Perhaps ...

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