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Opponents overcall our strong 2!c opening - bidding theory question
Opener usually needs very little from responder to bid game after opening 2. The double says that responder does not have even that little. So, unless opener can bid game and make it from his own hand, he will likely defend. Responder's douible shows that hand. Responder's ...
Control bidding and implied suit agreement
A difficult question without agreements, but I (and others appear to) apply this rule: 1. Agreed trump suit is the first suit bid and raised. Except: 2. Bidder's partner may go back to a first--bid MAJOR suit. As I write this, 12 of 21 posters agree to these rules ...
2-way NMF treatment, please?
There is an article in one of Max Hardy's books, on bidding in the 21st century.
XYZ players - what meaning do you give for those sequences
1♣ - 1♥ 1♠ - 3♠ ( remember - you can invite to game by bidding 2♣, and 2♠ over partner's forced 2♦ bid). The way I learned this sequence, responder has at least three (non GF) ways to reach three clubs. He can invite through 2; 2; then bid 3 ...
Poll: Is “Plain Blackwood” Ever Played by “High-Level” Pairs?
We are all taught that expert, professional, pairs look for an advantage over average players. Leaving aside methods to play when no suit is agreed, once there is trump agreement, then some form of RKB is simply better than PB. What is surprising is that the 1430 version is played ...
What is a No-trump range?
Yes. It seems worthwhile to upgrade certain 17s. A strong five card suit, an abundance of aces, and honors in combination surely justify an upgrade: xx AKJ8x Axx AJ10 is worth more than 17, despite the result when I held it. I opened 1, and ...
What is standard lead from this holding?
Ron: A question I've never seen discussed. Why, against NT, is holding four cards necessary to lead the second honor? Three cards suffice against suit. Is it as simple as needing to hold a third honor to lead from the suit? If so, why not lead the queen from ...
What is standard lead from this holding?
I've twice (once as declarer,. once as dummy) failed to see players drop the queen from Qxx when their partners led A from AKJxx; then failed again on the second round on the lead of the K. (What can leader have but AKJ and need an unblock?) So, I ...
What is standard lead from this holding?
KQT9 (v. both suit and NT) are on the ACBL convention card. But that is another problem altogether.
What is standard lead from this holding?
I'm interpreting "standard" as "what ordinary players do in clubs," which is the top card from an honor sequence. Here, the king. What experts play by agreement, such as "power leads" or Rusinow, is, of course, quite different. I assume, from the discussion, you will find expert partnerships leading ...

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