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Amaresh Deshpande
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Nov. 27, 2015
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about me

I am just a (intermediate) social-bridge player; an odd-ball I think on this forum. A teacher at heart, my mission is to introduce Bridge softly to children (and adults) via my Double Dummy App - KIDA. The App is translated into 40 languages.


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Kida- A Double Dummy App
Ian, In the example that Michael has used, it absolutely does not matter if East plays H10 or H7 when South leads HA - I just checked it. The thing is, every problem has its own algorithm and I keep improving the algorithms as and when a mistake is spotted. It ...
Elucidating My Previous Article on Hool
Jeff, I wasn't aware of the Declare Only game on BBO. Can you tell me how it worked? Also, can you please tell me the variety of MiniBridge that you introduce to the kids? I think MiniBridge is quite boring for the dummy – because all he/she has done ...
Elucidating My Previous Article on Hool
Michael, I totally agree with you regarding criticism versus constructive dialogue. Perhaps it was not clear – but my two animated dialogues were meant to be from one beginner to his/her beginner partner. The line between showing passion and being rude is no doubt thin, but I think theatre (of ...
Elucidating My Previous Article on Hool
Oh, and another way for potential long-term engagement is to start early, in grade 3 - where we can get good numbers and the progressive drop-out rate doesn't affect as much. Starting in middle school is difficult because their attention has gone elsewhere, and we are left with only a ...
Elucidating My Previous Article on Hool
One reason why MiniBridge remains a transitory game is because there are hardly any tournaments or club duplicate games. Nor is there an online app. So to be able to keep up the interest, as you have pointed out, kids have to be rushed into bidding just to be able ...
Elucidating My Previous Article on Hool
The information sharing stage in HOOL stimulates Bridge dialogue between partners, what I feel is important to nurture right from the start, like: “Didn’t you see that I have at least a 3-card fit for your 5 spades when I shared a 4 3 3 3 pattern?” Or “Why ...
Elucidating My Previous Article on Hool
Jeff, HOOL players, as a guideline which I offer, do have access to the HCP-Trick chart (plus the Law of Total Tricks); just that the trick target is not determined by the chart as is in traditional MiniBridge. Rather, each player has to work out what are the important features ...
Carolyn Eckert, RIP
Touching and inspiring
Changing The Guard - attracting younger players
Ever heard or seen this?
Tournament info: They even have screens! But no young faces.

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