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Ambrose Mackie
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Feb. 26, 2013
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One way reverse Drury, Weak 2D, support doubles
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Hapax legomenon
This was the line I saw. I think East had to be alert to follow with the SJ to the trick as he had come down to QJT 9. Other than that, very natural as you say (although why didn't East play a spade rather than a ...
What is this double?
Gordon, yes true. I had in mind the style where you redouble with 10+ and a new suit at the 2-level is NF. If new suits are forcing, then it is less important to have a takeout double on the second round. It is definitely sub-optimal to have opener's ...
What is this double?
Standard: penalty. Best: takeout
Need urgent help
If Double guarantees at least 4-4 in minors then 3 should be forcing. If it can be 4-3 etc then it should be non-forcing.
Tom Edwards's bidding problem: 53 AK KT983 7653
I wondered this too but on reflection (and by my pship rules) I think 4 sets and 5 is a splinter.
Hapax legomenon
Imo only needs one player to do something slightly non-auto
Hapax legomenon
Well done to East!
Kaustabh Nandi's bidding problem: K743 4 AQJT6 AK4
Wouldn't you rebid 2 (with 3-1-5-4) after 1 (p) 1 (p)? I accept the Dbl will be full value but I don't see the need to bid differently in this sequence.
Kaustabh Nandi's bidding problem: K743 4 AQJT6 AK4
1N is not possible I agree but 2 could easily be a 17 count. With 3-1-5-4 it would be clear imo.
Paul Friedman's bidding problem: AK63 AK832 AJ6 T
I think that 4 over 4 perfectly shows our hand. My partners will expect 4-5 in the majors with a strong hand.

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