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Ambrose Mackie
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Feb. 26, 2013
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One way reverse Drury, Weak 2D, support doubles
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Ruling fron Eastbourne
Nice summary Paul, but I don't agree with your point (d) because I don't accept the concept of a "defective agreement". Imo you either have an agreement or you don't. I.e.: "West knew that the partnership agreement is to play what East has been taught." If ...
Ruling fron Eastbourne
Frances said: "alert penalty doubles of suit contracts below 3NT". From what the blue book says, it is not just penalty doubles below 3NT that should be alerted but also undiscussed doubles that might be penalty. I have been ruled against on this basis before which left a pretty sour ...
Ruling fron Eastbourne
I agree with the Davids and also with the view that they should probably get the defence right anyway. The corollary to all this though is that next time when West *does* have clubs and corrects the lack of alert to "no agreement" this should not be frowned upon.
Golden Rules
As I said above, my suggestion gives him 10-15 seconds during declarer's mandatory pause. This is not playing "immediately"; it is normal tempo for most plays. It's also worth pointing out that transmitting UI itself is not the problem. It is the use of UI that is illegal.
Golden Rules
Okay, it seemed to me that you were defending third hand making a comment. I don't agree that an immediate play after a 10-15 second pause by declarer would convey much/any UI. This is not an unusual amount of time to think. However, if declarer does not take ...
Golden Rules
"A lot of the times, it is necessary to think about the hand as a whole to determine what to play. Surely no one would argue that telling defenders they must play rather blindly to the first trick is proper procedure." If you are thinking about the hand with a ...
Golden Rules
Yeah this practice should be more mainstream.
Golden Rules
Isn't this perfectly possible already? Weird that people found it weird.
Golden Rules
Yes exactly. I said above that in my view this is the most needed change to the laws.
Golden Rules
Well, for one, there is no way to know to that third hand is telling the truth and actually thinking about the whole hand rather than the play. Even if he plays face down there is nothing stopping him changing his card once he has thought some more. The proper ...

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