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Amy Mitura
Amy Mitura
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May 23, 2014
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Dec. 25, 2019
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Bridge Player
about me

Bridge--During undergrad, I met a junior bridge player who had traveled to Poland, South Africa, and Cuba who was patient enough to teach me how to bid a bridge hand and saintly enough to watch me declare one. Still, I was over thirty before I learned to read a hand record and finally got to that Cuban vacation this year.

Non-bridge--Vegetarian since age nine. Have had gray hair since sixteen. Often unsure as to whether people are asking me if I am too young to 1) have gray hair, 2) play bridge.

Live in New York. Love old game shows and pizza, UCONN basketball (more before the demise of the Big East), the Constitution, El Greco more than Velasquez, and Shakespeare (who did write his own plays for...sake). 

United States of America

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The day Steve Weinstein followed me on BW or managing to operate a screen properly at least one time. Tough call.
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Ron Haack
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Fall Nationals
Favorite Conventions
Any artificial club bid? (I almost understand the difference between a system and a convention).
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ACBL's Future 2020 & Beyond (San Francisco NABC Report)
Randy, good point. Assuming you are ALWAYS an AMAZING husband. Otherwise, wouldn't it depend on the week? Just sayin'...
The Setting Trick: James Holzhauer
Master Points don't make sense! I'm with you, James. Non NLM. Not enough silver. Recognizing double squeezes even if they occur naturally is a sorta amazing skill. I suppose I had a couple of "mentors" but one of them definitely recommended Watson Play of The Hand and one ...
The Setting Trick: James Holzhauer
I have loved game shows since I've known anything! Last week at trivia I met a Jeopardy Champion Austin Rogers who reiterated something I already knew...there are Jeopardy Champions and Ken Jennings...and and and...JAMES! Really. A League of His Own! Austin has a new podcast. A ...
NABC Bulletins, Do They Need to Be as They Are?
The post as I read it suggests that "a nice perk" is that Rigal and Horton write for publications outside of the ACBL. I think you are making Michal's point for him Paul, even if he did get Horton's first name wrong. It's something he would like ...
James on Jeopardy TV show
And best of health to Alex Trebek. As good as James is, Alex is Jeopardy to me!
James on Jeopardy TV show
James is an amazing Jeopardy contestant. Bridge got a nice advertisement tonight. I have a great imagination and as a lifelong Jeopardy viewer, I can't envision him losing. He is going to have to beat himself.
15 seconds to the Bermuda Bowl
Frances, Sorry about my typo and or the gender issue if you think it is not a humor/humour issue. I have had issues with Mr. Fleet about being lemmingest, but I'm pretty PC. And, while, I obviously don't know you from any NABC events, I did play ...
Memphis NABC+ Appeals Cases
the least controversial few?
15 seconds to the Bermuda Bowl
My point is the presence of the numbers doesn't support her statement. And their mere existence may be misleading. And if she wants to support her statement with logical points, she should. And according to you, she has the resume to do so. Particularly, when telling uneducated people to ...
A thought much would it be worth to see dummy before the lead?
Richard, your opinions on leads are about as trustworthy as your opinions about lemmings! :)

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