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Anant Rathi
Anant Rathi
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Dec. 27, 2011
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8 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I am a bridge addict. There, I admitted it. That's the first step, they say.

I moved from San Diego to San Francisco in April 2016. No regrets (yet).

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
This auction: 2NT (3S) 4S (P) 4NT (P) 5D (P) 6NT (P) 7D. Made 7 missing a cashing ace
Regular Bridge Partners
Ankur Rathi, Phil Clayton, Mark Leonard, Jesse Chao, Edmund Wu, William Zhu
Member of Bridge Club(s)
QuickTricks, Adventures in Bridge
Favorite Tournaments
Favorite Conventions
1430 RKC, inverted minors, Sweedish Jacoby 2NT, Woolsey, OGUST, Flannery
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Silver Life Master
Precision, 2/1, variable 1NT
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Online NABC - Congrats to Phil Clayton
Woohoo! Way to slam the bots Phil! :)
Floyd McWilliams's bidding problem: KJ A973 AQT97 A8
I can't imagine we wanted to make a slam try with this hand, now that the spade honors are of dubious value. OP probably passed because they wanted to keep the option to defend. Not that I agree with that (would've bid 5)
Xavier Truel's bidding problem: KQT7 Q96 AJ5 AK8
In standard methods, 2 is a game-force that denies a spade fit, unless you have a slam try that isn’t suitable for a splinter or other artificial raise. We certainly do not fit that description.
Xavier Truel's bidding problem: KQT7 Q96 AJ5 AK8
Despite the OP, I do not accept that partner cannot hold the likes of: Axxx xx xx Jxxxx
-590: assign the blame
Barry has a reasonable point, but I agree with John that West's correct call is double. Jumping to 4 already showed the playing strength. West could very well bid the same way with a less-shapely stronger hand such as: xx AQxxx xx KQxx But the issue is not ...
Trick 5
Deleted - forgot declarer had A
Full Penalty
I agree that a 5-2 fit might be missed. But I don't at all agree that partner must have a 4-card suit to bid 2M over the responsive double. With a random 2=3=3=5 hand for example, I think 2 is the right bid.
And the 1!C - 2!D Jump Shift
Lots of good ideas above, but here’s a new one: You could play 2 as invitational with 6+ diamonds and no 4cM. Now the 1 response can be true to Walsh (either weak or GF). Though actually, I think a stronger approach is to slide the reverse ...
Full Penalty
I also concluded that declarer had 3 spades, not 4, but not for any of the reasons Kit mentions (none of which even occurred to me, I’m sad to say). Rather, I figured that with 4=5 majors, south would’ve made a responsive double.
Passed Hand Jump Shift
I like to play both as fit-showing. Since you’re playing 2-way drury, 2N can be used as the invitational long-clubs hand that wasn’t suitable for 1 or 3. This has come up once in the past several years. I opened 1 in 3rd seat with ...

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