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Andonis Dalgas
Andonis Dalgas
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Aug. 9, 2013
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14 hours ago
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I was dummy watching partner go down -7 in 1NT doubled.
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Rafael Sacramento's bidding problem: K543 Q86 T KQ863
This is a textbook Multi Landy double for me. High cards concentrated in my suits, relevant shape and my singleton is not in hearts.
Three-card raises--- are they automatic?
"Dutch Spiral", developed by Jan Jansma could be an example of an inquiry convention when responder is not weak.
BBO handviewer links do not work again
Thank you for your answer Michal. When I pasted the linked into "handviewer link" it shows only South's hand. No play buttons, etc. It was supposed to show all 4 hands, including next/previous buttons, etc. My link was: ...
BBO handviewer links do not work again
How do we embed the handviewer with showing the cards played, into our polls? Handviewer link displays and works as expected when clicked, but follows the link and leaves BW site. I want it to work within the current BW poll that I have created.
Reverse Bidding Problem
W has 5 spades and a great hand. He/she overlooked the vulnerability and passed over 1, thinking that NS was red and EW white. His plan was to pass partner's reopening double for penalties. After partner's double, W woke up. With mediocre spades, could not be ...
Dave Robinson's bidding problem: QJ98 76 53 KQ863
Passing is sneaky and effective. I will lead through opener and expecting to set it by 2.
Andonis Dalgas's lead problem: K9532 --- 97432 983
Exactly! I was declarer and held QJxxx xx AQ K10xx. Dummy was x AKQJ10xxx x AJx. After lead, opponents could not resist long hearts and it was easy to find Q.
Tolga Pezük's bidding problem: xx Qxx xx AKJxxx
1. Quite aggressive but I have an easy rebid and this could be the only time I showed my source of tricks.
Escape When Nonvul Mini-NT Is Doubled or Do You Wanna Dance?
Our systemic redouble is 10+. With 8+, the frequency would be a lot higher of course.
Escape When Nonvul Mini-NT Is Doubled or Do You Wanna Dance?
"The problem I had was that all too often, fourth hand would bid something; opener then has to pass, in case responder is weak, and then when responder is strong she has to decide how to balance without having more information from opener." Doubling after a first round pass could ...

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