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Andre Asbury
Andre Asbury
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Feb. 2, 2011
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Nov. 10, 2018
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Bridge Player
about me

I have a day job as an electrical engineer and spend all of my 4 weeks of vacation playing bridge, professionally on occasion. I teach bridge as often as I can get students, which isn't much in middle GA, I run the local bridge club, and am editor of the bi-monthly District 7 News.

Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
USA Junior team (2008), 6th in Red Ribbons (2007), won the Charleston regional (December 2012)
Regular Bridge Partners
Sean Gannon, Cristal Nell
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Macon, Warner Robins
Favorite Tournaments
Atlanta, Seaside, Charleston
Favorite Conventions
canape, fantunes
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Canape, Swedish 1!C
Canape, Swedish 1!C
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Seandre Fantunes
Modified Fantunes
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Andre Asbury and Bryan Delfs
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Andre and Aaron
2/1 Game Forcing
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andre and jessica
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Was I Out of Line?
I have much sympathy for you. I often find myself claiming for - or at least thinking about claiming for - declarer in similar situations when declarer has no problem, because I want to get back to the snack table or text someone or refill my drink. I've learned it often ...
Choice pairs at a sectional
I would be one of the few to pick the split schedule (morning and evening), but choice pairs are generally a bad event because the field can be so different from one session to another and it's hard to account for playbacks and such. Your schedule also doesn't ...
wow. had no idea such a thing existed. and i was rooming with one of the players in this match for the last week.
Wernher OP Final -- Royal Screw-Up
Webs aren't THAT complicated and generally should be used more often. But having four of them in one event is illogical. For 88 tables, 5 thirteens and a 23 table web-like movement works well.
Obligation to Appeal?
At a minimum, the director's ruling or lack thereof is something that needs to be addressed, possibly through an appeal or a talk with the DIC, as an educational exercise. I strongly believe the ruling should be appealed and changed to 3DX -4. 3D absolutely shows diamonds, especially without ...
Announcing Percentage and Other Results on a Board in a Club Game
For the record, I strongly dislike showing the percentage of results precisely because it promotes extra discussion of boards and brings a ml extra attention to bad scores avd adds time to the game. But clubs should do what the majority wants. It seems people would rather discuss and get ...
Announcing Percentage and Other Results on a Board in a Club Game
What makes you think I was a player in this? I direct far more than I play at the club these days.
Thank You Denver NABC Committee
I completely agree, except that I thought the weather was fantastic this time! Got my yearly dose of snow and didn't have to put up with the city being paralyzed by a couple of inches which is what happens in Atlanta.
Is This Ruling Correct?
Based on the facts given, it seems very likely that south's extraneous information woke north up to the system they are playing. It's very hard to see how the deal would turn out or to read north's mind but depending on south's level, the TD should ...
Proposal: New Soloway KO with Qualifying Swiss at Fall NABCs: Increase Attendance!
I think I like this proposal, but don't be fooled into thinking this will translate into better attendance. Location and timing are by far the biggest factors that affect attendance. The main scheduling that affects attendance is having meaningful events for the masses to play in every day that ...

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