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Andreas Babsch
Andreas Babsch
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Aug. 26, 2015
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Because of the unnecessary 3 bid that led to East getting scared of not having shown the huge club support so far. Had east bid some number of clubs right away and gone for 500 I would have more sympathy.
Easts bidding was plain stupid.
Putting pressure on opponents quickly versus taking the most chances
My partner led a diamond from two small so a ruff put down 4 immediately. At the other table they led a club but our declarer tried the spade to the second trick line, suffered a diamond ruff and went down for a push.
2018 European Championships Results
Kalita-Nowosadzki were on the team but played a Regional in Cincinnati at the same time.
Andreas Babsch's bidding problem: AT3 A8 AKT987 A4
Exactly 4
Martin Hoffman 1929-2018
Mozart was born in Salzburg and died in Vienna so he definitely was Austrian. Hitler was born in Braunau so he also definitely was Austrian.
ATB - A Bridge (level) too far
Or Q, KQx, AKQJxx, QJx
High-level competitive decision.
Very stupid not to raise diamonds immediately. Now one can only guess.
Andreas Babsch's bidding problem: KT43 AJ83 J543 9
Yes, or in any strong club framework.
Assign the Blame -- -530
Yes, but even worse at Imps.
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