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Andrew Gumperz
Andrew Gumperz
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Sept. 18, 2010
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Andrew Gumperz is a part-time bridge professional based in the SF bay area. He has numerous regional victories, but his proudest bridge accomplishment was upsetting the CAYNE team at the 2009 Spingold in Washington DC. In his spare time, Andrew enjoys musical theater, especially when his daughter is performing.

United States of America

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Gumperz and Brenner
2 over 1
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Gumperz CC
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Gumperz and Wagner
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Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: AJ65 T92 4 AKT54
If the diamonds and spades were reversed, I would feel compelled to make a direct raise because LHO might be about to bid 3 or 4. On the actual hand, I don't see much danger in going slow, so 2 for me.
Rainer Herrmann's bidding problem: A AQJ3 K943 9862
2. The hand has some minuses--the stiff ace, possible wastage in the trump suit and a 4441 shape which isn't super.
18-19 HCP for 2NT rebid - why?
Most experts playing a standard method (SA, 2/1, Acol, KS, etc.) use 18-19 and 20-21 as their 2NT ranges. There is a reason for using a 2-point range for 2NT calls. After a 2NT opening (or rebid), there is no room to invite a game. That means responder must ...
Ulf Nilsson's bidding problem: KT93 --- 765 JT8532
Sounds like pard is big and balanced. 2 gives him room to 2N which I can remove to 3. If I 3, I will hear 3N next. Then what?
Debbie Rosenberg's lead problem: 94 743 JT2 T9742
I think we are discussing a very small difference in the percentage chance of effectiveness. That being said, the intention of the lead is a criteria. If the goal is to develop tricks lead low; if the goal is to minimize the chance of blowing an honor trick, lead high ...
Debbie Rosenberg's lead problem: 94 743 JT2 T9742
Thanks Richard for correcting my inattention!
Debbie Rosenberg's lead problem: 94 743 JT2 T9742
Having only 1 HCP, your partner surely has some values, probably around 10-12 HCP. That makes the trump lead very unattractive since the chance of catching him with a finessable honor holding is elevated. Of the remaining suits, clubs is slightly safer than diamonds because of the extra length and ...
Andy Caranicas's lead problem: Q543 T753 A QT63
But leading the diamond ace makes that guess much, much, much easier :)
Pierre Schmidt's lead problem: J5 A8 T9543 8543
The A seems to leave the most chances for a set in the running. After A, I don't have a blind guess of which minor to lead or I can continue hearts if that looks right.
Jeff Halle's lead problem: AKJ86 T3 QJ92 93
The chances of the enemy running 9 tricks is way too high to lead a low spade. A top spade keeps your options open in case a diamond shift is correct at T2.

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