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Andrew Lazarus
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March 3, 2015
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May 25
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Retired Justice John Paul Stevens, Associate Justice, SCOTUS
I played against him once at a club in Crystal City. His wife declared both boards and butchered both. I was very impressed that he didn't indicate the slightest displeasure. I barely refrained from thanking him for a then-very-recent decision, in which he concurred, that evened up my father ...
Psyches - and fielding them
I agree that partner could hold that hand, but that leaves RHO bidding 1NT with at most the J, probably tripleton, and xx or xxx in Clubs. Bidding 1NT with two suits unguarded (and loaded for bear in the pointed suits) seems unlikely.
In the middle of a tournament, a player collapses. Do you know what to do?
Our club is literally adjacent to the Fire Station. As fires are less common with modern building codes, these are all paramedics. And the station has an ambulance. We asked them to drop in when the club smelled of gas. Unfortunately, they determined there was a major hazard from a ...
Blue Over Red Boards
We still have metal boards, spelled out.
JDR Collings
Why aren't the arms of the Roundel family a roundel?
A GNT Debacle: Too Many Winners
In college we had a magical second round of the GNT. Second-lowest seeded team, we won our first 6 and tied the last. (We won it by 1 IMP, which was then scored as equal VP) Of course, from a match standpoint we were clear first. We didn't qualify ...
San Francisco NABC Reservations Now Open
I have a feeling that bridge players who patronize such establishments will have little trouble identifying San Francisco's.
San Francisco NABC Reservations Now Open
This has been done in the past. Given that San Franciscans eat out more than residents of any other large city, whatever guide is assembled will be just the tip of the iceberg.
Zero tolerance at club games (club directors' comments are appreciated)
I'd like to see the N-S Convention Card. It seems to me that E has a valid complaint that N-S are failing to alert non-standard bids (not 2?); I'm going to guess their card doesn't explain their non-standard responses; and the explanation given was inadequate. I ...
San Francisco NABC Reservations Now Open
I have a different conclusion: that there isn't much demand for NABCs held in college dormitories. At least they aren't running Nationals on overpriced cruise ships.
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