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April 25, 2016
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Defend 3NT
East followed with the lowest spade possible; playing upside down attitude how does that show a dislike for spades? It seems consistent with either liking spades (if attitude), even count in spades (if count), or preference for clubs (if suit preference).
IMPed Pairs: towards a better datum
If your scoring method would encourage people to take fewer tricks, then it's not unethical, it's just playing intelligently. Is it unethical to try to make 10 tricks in 4 rather than try for 11 because you're playing a knockout match? Is it unethical to make ...
Finn Kolesnik's bidding problem: AKJT QT8x A Kxxx
Your partner needs too specific of a hand to make slam that it will not be possible to ask for it. First choice 4, second choice keycard and go opposite two.
How do I leave a thread?
Go back to the thread and at the bottom hover over "following discussion". It will change the text to "Unfollow discussion". Click it, and you do not receive any more notifications. You will automatically follow any discussion you add a comment to so if you don't want notifications you ...
Double Confusion
This looks like a forcing pass situation to me. Therefore, double suggests defending.
Which honour will you splinter with?
I will splinter with any stiff honor, as long as I would do so with a small stiff instead with the rest of the hand the same.
EBU regulations HCP upgrading.
How Do You Play This?
Game before slam. To avoid overburdening the 3M response, better to separate the 3-card limit raise.
Florian Alter's bidding problem: 95 Q52 A2 KQJ983
We are not a passed hand. That refers to a hand that passed rather than open the bidding. There are plenty of opening hands that would not have a bid over a 3 preempt, such as ours.
Wolff signoff and !D slam try
Different players are bidding 4 in each case, so you should not compare the two sequences. What I believe you are intending to compare is the relay then bid 3NT by responder, and the direct 4 bid by responder. The first way allows opener to stop in 3NT ...

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