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Andrew Sinclair
Andrew Sinclair
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April 25, 2016
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June 17
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Robert Thorstad's bidding problem: AJ86 42 T975 A83
I bid 3 to cater to partner holding a hand like KQx, AKQxxx, x, AJx. If partner bids 3NT I’ll bid 4.
Nicholas France's bidding problem: Q3 K2 K542 AJ975
How does your partner bid 1NT over 2C?
Mark Chen's bidding problem: Axxxx AKJTxx --- Kx
Mark Chen's bidding problem: Axxxx AKJTxx --- Kx
He did not do well to come in. A leaping michaels hand should be much stronger. With your hand, your side should get to slam after you balance with 4.
Deb Paul's lead problem: 5 4 KQJ986 AQT54
At this level I play the lead of a king promises the ace. Therefore I lead the queen.
Nigel Kearney's bidding problem: AQJ872 --- J82 AKT7
Bid 1 first, then double hearts at whatever level it comes back at.
To Beer or Not to Beer?
You should try to prevent, but if your partner isn't completely paying attention, I think there's room to let partner beer and when they forget to call it, you call it and steal it from them.
How Not to Make Silver LM
Gotcha. With that hand (KQxx, v, Axx, KJ10xxx) I would probably bid 3 instead of 4. I don't want to be in game opposite a minimum 1 bid (AJxx, xxx, xxxx, xx or the like).
How Not to Make Silver LM
If West has the king of clubs instead of diamonds, grand is even more laydown. You have 6 spade tricks, a heart ruff, 5 clubs, and a diamond. You only go down on a ruff of the opening lead, or if clubs are 0-6 either way, with the person with ...
How Not to Make Silver LM
On board 30, would partner's response of 5N to blackwood not show 2 key cards and a void? Then you can easily bid 7S.

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