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April 25, 2016
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Question for the matchpoint mavens
Where's the "other" answer? Also the obligatory this should be a bidding poll...
Better to play 5-2 major or 4-4 possibly 4-3 minor
For passing 2m to be right, it has to play on average more than 1 trick better than 2M if you can only make 2M. You're also giving up on the chance for +140. With a 2344 shape, I think the odds favor playing in 2M, but I don ...
Merijn Groenenboom's bidding problem: 2 AKQ7532 2 AKQ2
I imagine it would only if you slam the bidding cards down on the table so partner passes.
Gerry Gassman's bidding problem: 98 K6 AKT52 KQ75
My hand looks a lot more like a 2.5=4=4=2.5 hand than one that wants to open 1. I have no good rebid when partner responds 1, unless I devalue my hand to a 1NT rebid, which seems like a severe devalue when I ...
Anant Rathi's bidding problem: K K9854 AT3 Q852
Seems familiar
A thin slam
I made 6 in a 4-3 fit that required the Kxx onside, two more finesses, and specifically a spade lead and spade continuation when RHO gets in with an ace.
TD please
Without the alert, what would we think partner has for 4? Surely it can only be a slam try for spades, which I am happy to stop in game over.
1. It is important that you state where you are playing. ACBL? 2. Once you give jurisdiction, this doesn't really need a poll. This is a simple situation, and therefore has a cut-and-dry answer. If playing under the ACBL, the alert chart specifies that for responses to a 1-level ...
Nikos Stamatiou's bidding problem: KT2 K94 A AKQ873
That’s a very interesting idea. Do you have similar bids when you start with 1D or 1H and partner bids 1higher?
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: T2 KQT742 K T652
I want to quickly add that I have at times thought that if I heard GSGH I would want to stop in 3 but if I heard BSGH I would want to play in game. Something like KJx KJxx KJx KJx. I only need partner to have Hxxxxx in hearts ...

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