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Andrew Yeckel
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July 9, 2016
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about me

I'm not a life master, but I don't mind playing them.

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What To Do When Someone Acts on UI?
Good point about West passing 2C holding 12 HCP. Totally illogical unless West has UI that East has UI and used it.
What To Do When Someone Acts on UI?
East had UI from West's slow pass as dealer. East overcalled a strong 1NT holding a flat, weak hand opposite a passed hand, which is highly abnormal.
The Lead-Out-Of-Turn Coup
Well that changes everything!
The Lead-Out-Of-Turn Coup
My theory: West pitched two spades on the run of the clubs, and had none left to lead to the board after winning the A. So West leads a low diamond to the A that East is known to hold, and it is East that fails to lead a low ...
Reese’s Pieces
"David and Avon, and any of the rest of you who might be tempted, please refrain from any more of this type of article." This sounds like an order to me. Are you a moderator of this web site?
The weakness of lower strats
As a non-life master I rarely run into any issues of player behavior during open games, but it takes only one bully you DO know to drive you away from a regular club game after several incidents of unpleasant behavior. -Staring at you intently when it is your turn to ...
High level competitive auction- What went wrong?
West is a beginner, East is a novice, and they're playing Precision?
The weakness of lower strats
"In the five days of open pairs, there were respectively 8/25, 9/26, 7/23, 6/17, 3/18 C pairs (open/3000/1500) breaking 50%." Typically approximately 50% of pairs will finish above 50%. The numbers you give here indicate that 30% of C pairs finished above 50 ...
New, simple, more accurate rating system.
Two normal people: (1*1)/280 = 0.0036
Frequent psyches by a particular pair
I specifically cast my remarks in the context of a regular partnership psyching multiple times in a session. My contention is that an implicit agreement is inevitable. I have generally profited when opponents have psyched against me. That doesn't mean I want to play the game that way.
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