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Sept. 5, 2015
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Gonzalo Goded's bidding problem: AJ64 7 JT964 A82
Gonzalo, conozco la jugaste contra mi. No creo que has cometido ningún error. Tampoco tú compañero. Vuestras cartas encajaron muy bien y eso hace que 3 era muy razonable contrato. Durante la subasta no tienes suficientes datos para tomar esa decisión.
Is 4333 a semi-balanced distribution?
ridiculous question
Was it forbidden to pass in this competition against 1ST?
Gabriel Fractman's bidding problem: AKQxxx --- QTxx Txx
I guess 4ST is the 18-19 variant. I also understand that there is no support in spades because there is no cue-bid that confirms it. My spades are good but not enough to run them with singleton in the dummy. How strong is my partner´s club suit? I must ...
Gabriel Fractman's bidding problem: Kxxx KJT9x x xxx
Would be nice to bid 4 as a splinter now...but it is too late. No good bidding sistem.
Where did north-south go wrong on this hand? The answer may be "with every bid made".
6 bid is dramatic !!
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
Diamond lead is automatic.
Mark Whitman's bidding problem: A9876 AKQ9 J QT5
Why not play 4?
Teri Smoot's bidding problem: A764 4 K76 KQ985
Bridge lesson nr.1
Competing after Partner's Strong NT and LHO's Balance
Nowaday, there are so many different conventions against opening 1BA that it is really difficult to be prepared for all variants. Maybe with the exception of professional players. I think that you have to try to create a simple scemat to be mistaken in what you mean, particulary what is ...

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