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Andrzej Matuszewski
Andrzej Matuszewski
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July 21, 2012
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Statistician with interests in: sociology, history, psychology, pure mathematics, ecology and MUSIC


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Jerzy Orysiak, Tadeusz Skalski, Roman Krzemien
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subjective Standard Polish Club
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Percentage play to find the Queen in 6!H?
It is a guess, but I'd rather finesse in first round.
Percentage play to find the Queen in 6!H?
I have a reasoning that is very complicated and is absolutely impossible to perform during the play. After cashing club I still can assume that the last club i.e. queen is in hands of W. Because his distribution is: 4=2=5=2. It is difficult to assume that ...
Percentage play to find the Queen in 6!H?
W has 4 spades and KQ. I'm thinking about idiotism: to cash a clubs top. We can loose contract when W has 3 clubs. But may be someone will give Q? If it will be W, then I will assume Q in hands of E. This has one advantage ...
Dave Robinson's bidding problem: AJ 653 84 QJ8632
At MPs : 3
Time for a filter that shows top 10-20 articles by likes
My articles are in general very controversial so they receive very few likes. Many likes receive colleagues, who have doubts about the contents I propose. So - from my viewpoint: let's sum all likes including comments to article.
Andrzej Matuszewski's lead problem: KJ62 JT8 AJ952 J
Hint: They definitely have troubles in communication! But have many HCPs. So probably the point is: how many overtricks they will take: 0, 1, 2, 3...
Andrzej Matuszewski's lead problem: A54 QJT KQ7 KQ85
Very good remark! He must be 2 suited. But his pd did not want to play at level 3.
Sam Ehrlichman's bidding problem: T5 AT72 J6 AJ953
OK! Most dangerous is the situation, when they will double 3 and then consequently 3 :-(
Andrzej Matuszewski's lead problem: 92 864 J82 T9854
Hint: You are not a candidate for squeezing.
Sam Ehrlichman's bidding problem: T5 AT72 J6 AJ953
After my 3 there is no cost. Double is risky.

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