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Andy Anderson
Andy Anderson
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Nov. 22, 2015
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Dec. 27, 2018
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Bridge Teacher
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120+ blue ribbons
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Saskatoon, Hilton Head
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10-12 NT's
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Which of these auctions are Support Doubles?
2 other situations to consider that I prefer support agreement: 1M..p..2m...2any...X ? Can also be 1D..P..2C...2M...X And 1m...P..1M....2 your m (natural).. X ?
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: 9532 983 4 AKT94
This dbl is best played as a 3-suited hand and not promising extras as many might think..asking for 2S here ..pard can correct to clubs with short spades
Simon Weinberger's bidding problem: A875 K3 KT654 A6
If pard has roughly an opening hand with 4 spades I expect he would have bid 4S... Seems little is accomplished bidding 4S ... ergo ..what does he have? I expect a power hand with only 3 spades or: he has spades and 6S is the spot and pard will follow ...
Garbage Stayman or Invitational
could be 4-4 was not an option offered...but probably a certain agreement when playing weak nt's..I called it an abstain
Two-suited Overcalls
As there are well over a hundred systems to chose from in acting over 1nt and presumably all the inventers can explain why their method is superior, one can conclude that folks evaluating these systems might also look foreward to picking out the wife's purse or the putter for ...
Weak NT's and Two Way Stayman - using "spare" bids
playing weak NT - 3H & 3S in my view best used as 4 or 6+ length forcing. advantages are 3-fold .. firstly these responses are near idle as most partnerships assign uses that seldom/never come up.. You can right side 4-4 fits with high probability of success as you may also ...
Application of new laws - assigned scores
reference: your partner's "slow play" disputed... Slow players tend to either dispute their slow play or dismiss complaints of slow play but anyone knowing them knows whether they are inherently slow (or exasperating slow).... Assuming they were your partners, One would assume you know whether they are historically slow ...
Retiring TD -- Roger Putnam
District 19 had the two best directors in the that Roger is gone Matt Smith is the guy
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