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Andy Bowles
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Jan. 17, 2011
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How to play spades for 3 tricks
Compared with running the queen, this breaks even against singleton honour on the left, and gains against 6=0.
2020 North American Online Bridge Championships
Ten hours seems rather a lot of time for 56 boards. Are they allowing for a 3-hour dinner-break?
How Bad Is This Line of Play?
How about: - Draw one trump - Three top clubs throwing a heart (assume jack doesn't drop) - Ruff heart - Trump to dummy - Ruff heart If trumps were 2-2 or 3=1, play a diamond to the 8, hoping to endplay North if he started with only three clubs.
Bad Disclosure (Pass the cheese, I already have the whine)
Michael H, don't you want your opponents to know what your bids mean?
Bad Disclosure (Pass the cheese, I already have the whine)
I complain (and occasionally make insulting remarks) about politicians, journalists, public officials, website designers, and members of many other professions. I do this even though I'm not any of those things, and if I were I wouldn't necessarily be any good at it.
Bad Disclosure (Pass the cheese, I already have the whine)
Yes, I'm selective about when I use it, or I might start with the name and follow with a meaningful description. My point was that a name which tells these specific opponents what they need to know is miles better than a description that does not.
Undos in the Reynolds KOs
Yes. I was astonished by JoAnn's example - both the request for an undo and the acceptance.
Up to Weakness
I don't usually play it as Lebensohl, I was just responding to the suggestion that Lebensohl is "not useful".
Up to Weakness
Lebensohl is useful to distinguish between, for example, Qxx xx xxx AKJ10x and xxx xx xxx AQ10xx.
Bad Disclosure (Pass the cheese, I already have the whine)
I think it's important to tell both opponents what the likely hand-types are. Especially the hand-types that you're likely to have when they might be thinking of bidding. What on earth is wrong with "competitive with a minor or various stronger hand-types"? Or, more succinctly, "Lebensohl".

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