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Multi 2!D Defence Revisited
In reply to Kerry's question, I think this is normal: 2M = natural NF, 4+ cards 2NT = Lebensohl 3 = natural, invitational 3 = artificial, game-forcing, initially Stayman (because you could pass 2x with a natural 2 bid) 3!M = natural, invitational And I think this is better ...
Bake Yourself a Multi Defence
People play double as 13-15 balanced because it's a safe, low-cost way to show that hand-type, not because they want to penalise the opponents. Suppose that against an opposing weak 2 opening I told you that you could play your normal defence, but in addition you could show ...
what is 4!d?
"the same school that allows (2) P (2) P (4) presumably also allows (2D) P (3) P (4)?" They're quite different auctions. In the first auction, responder has fairly short spades, so we have a good reason for making the opponents guess. Also, we ...
Obscure suit combination
If I google just "Ottlik", most of the first page are about the bridge player. Maybe none of his hands were constructed?
what is 4!d?
If you're hoping to show all the major-minor two-suiters on the first round, I think the best way to do it is: 4 = clubs + a major 4 = one-suited in a major 4M = that major + diamonds The ambiguity of 4 is less of an issue when you ...
what is 4!d?
Ian C: "For me, direct shows hearts and the minor, because it's harder to bid hearts over 4 or similar." If you pass over 2 with hearts and a minor, what auction are you concerned about that means you face 4 on the next round?
2019 Cavendish Pairs in Monaco
Even with a long final you should have a small carryover, to keep people honest.
What are opponents entitled to
Why? There is no mistaken explanation to correct.
Bake Yourself a Multi Defence
If I have a 4243 or 3145 13-count, I'd prefer to show a takeout double of hearts rather than a balanced 13-count. And I'd prefer to be able to do it at the two-level than guess what to do after 2-pass-2-pass 4
(1H)-P-(2H)-P-(P)-2S continuations
I'm with you, but so far 57 people either know which hand they've got or don't care.

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