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Andy Eastwood
Andy Eastwood
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March 18, 2011
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2019 Lederer Memorial Trophy
Interesting to see that Graham Kirby is playing. I haven't seen his name in forever. It's a great pity he cannot be playing with John Armstrong.
How forcing is 1!C - (2!H) - 3!H?
Opener did bid 3S and was indeed exactly 4333 but had no heart stop (109x) and was minimum. Then passed 4, which was intended as forcing. btw, I don't have a dog in this fight. I was the 2 bidder.
How forcing is 1!C - (2!H) - 3!H?
What if opener bids 3? Is 4 from responder now forcing?
Zero Tolerance can work!
Shawn, Clough's 44 days at Leeds showed that even then some top, opinionated, players would not listen to him.
Web Movement?
I could not find anything about that online, but we had 15 tables and ran two sections. The director explained that two sections allowed four pairs to win a gold point, one per section top.
For Club Managers
We see no change in table counts in STaC week. We do not charge any extra for any special games. We are the only game in town all days but one, and we get the same sort of attendance no matter what the special event. We are a non-profit members ...
The cost of a bridge game
In Savannah we have a member-owned club (300 members) in rented facilities and pay $8 per game (no extra for STac etc.) and $30/year membership. We were $7 and $20 but increased these to build capital to fund moving to a new location.
Adjusted Master Points
There is already something like "imaginary points": eligibility points. They are added to your masterpoint total to determine what events and stratifications you can play in, but do not count towards your masterpoint rank. I do not know all the circumstances under which eligibility points are awarded, or how it ...
Calling All Robot Experts
My experience is that GIB does play the highest card when it (thinks it) doesn't matter and it cannot beat the highest card already played in the trick. Conversely, it will duck when it thinks it cannot win the trick. Underleading your honors to put GIB partner in can ...
Playing with and against the GIBs
"It also won't bare an offside honor, so taking a trick 12 finesse is practically always safe." Playing in 6NT I had to take a finesse at trick 10, because of entry issues. GIB bared the king so that when the finesse lost, it cashed all the remaining tricks.

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