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Andy Hung
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May 8, 2011
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BBO Vugraph Operated 2.5 tables simultaneously.
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Gold Coast Congress - Simply the best :)
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Board 15 September 10
Then partner should think quicker :) But honestly, there shouldn't be that much time required when partner shows a 3-card limit raise, you're either signing off or raising to game. If necessary, you might be able to use an "inbtween bid" to re-ask about how good partner's 3-card ...
Board 5, 10 September, USA1 vs Norway
Would be more interesting if West's hand was dummy in 6. Does anyone want to have a guess on how you should play the diamonds then?
Bd 6 17th September
By the way, assuming the club spots are correct, be a bit cautious when you see a lot of the intermediate spots being played out! If the play sequence was correct, then it seems like you had an overtrick by forcing out the J after drawing trumps!
Bd 6 17th September
I've never been a fan of mini-splinters (or mini/mega/maxi variation). I understand there may be hands where you are able to bid a thin game when responder is weak and finds no wastage opposite. But more often than not, you will likely bid a game but give ...
Board 10, September 17th
Another way to think about this is, if East's type of hand jumps to 4 (over 2 or 3 or whatever response), and responder has two aces, would responder pass it out? Don't think so - therefore it's probably OK for East's hand to ...
Board 15 September 10
A couple of interesting points: 1) If you use an artificial bid to show a 3-card limit raise, you can also put in some "bad GF hands" in there too. So with the North's hand, I can bid 1S-3D (3card limit) then if partner signs off, bid 4S to ...
Board 15 September 10
Not sure I would call it 'normal' with only a 6-card suit? I understand the aggression with the shape/suit quality etc, but I think it's a bit too 'solo bridge' to be bidding like this with a 6-card suit. Don't forget partner is still in the bidding.
Board 9, 10 September: 2007 Bermuda Bowl USA1 vs Norway 7/8
I don't think South's hand should give up, especially being NV. Double is probably fine, though if you can bid a NF 3 then that might be reasonable too. The logic here is that when partner doesn't make a Support double (or rebid a competitive 3 ...
Hand 6 - 27 August
Love the 3 bid!
Board 20, 6th August
This seems to be a common trend in AU, to swap the NT ranges whereby the "weaker" goes via 2H. When I first heard of it, I thought it was a great idea and decided to employ it. When it first came up at the table, I was excited but ...

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