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Andy Muenz
Andy Muenz
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Jan. 30, 2012
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19 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Bidding to a makeable 6C after opponent opened 2NT
Bridge Accomplishments
2nd in 1998 NLM pairs; 3 time district qualifier in NAP and GNT Flight B
Regular Bridge Partners
Dick Morgen; Chris Marlow
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Favorite Tournaments
Spring and Summer NABC
Favorite Conventions
Takeout Double
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
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"the reflexively anti-ACBL barking seals"
Ray, I was just trying to use an example that would have widespread recognition. Let's say instead that you walked into a store and overheard the clerk make a derogatory comment to another customer about a group you were associated with (or even one you weren't). Would you ...
"the reflexively anti-ACBL barking seals"
Ray, if during the Democratic debate next week, one of the candidates says that all bridge players are jerks, would you think they were personally calling you a jerk? Even if you didn't, would you feel offended and/or less likely to support that particular candidate in the future ...
"the reflexively anti-ACBL barking seals"
Paul may not have called everyone on Bridge Winners a barking seal, but he did call it an obnoxious forum which implies everyone who posts here. Maybe that wasn't his intent, but he could just as easily phrased it as a forum with some obnoxious posters and then I ...
"the reflexively anti-ACBL barking seals"
Ira, there is a difference between supporting your staff based on a specific post and calling the entire forum obnoxious. As someone who did not comment on the initial post but was still lumped into the response as a contributor to the forum, I do take offense at his comment.
"the reflexively anti-ACBL barking seals"
Good to know how important it is for your insult to the community here to be proven, Paul. Since my membership in this forum means I'm too obnoxious for you, you'll be happy to know that you've talked me out of renewing my ACBL membership next April ...
Open San Francisco Discussion Thread
That doesn't sound like a great prize for someone flying home without planning to check luggage...
Convention Cards in NABC+ events
John, I don't have evidence to back my question up, just a combination of feel from when I used to attend NABC's and looking at the rosters in the major events and seeing the same names year in and year out.
Convention Cards in NABC+ events
One other possibility without those negative implications is that they were a pick up or fill in pair that just didn't have time to fill out a card and/or discuss agreements (although they should have at least have what they did discuss filled out)
Convention Cards in NABC+ events
John, do you really think that the majority of non-North American players in the NABC+ events are there for holiday and not because they are playing professionally or trying to get exposure so they can play professionally in the future? I can understand if someone attending their first NABC doesn ...
Convention Cards in NABC+ events
Peg, would you prefer to go to an NABC and have no clue what your partner's bids mean? :-) :-)

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