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Hi Kate In the olden days, I played that a X required 4 of the other major but it has been whipped out of me! The problem is that you can often end up in a 4-3 fit (which I used to hate but now am resigned to it.....) Are ...
Board 18 BB2007 2 April 19 Argentina v USA1
East passed & I opened 1 as South. This proved to be a bad decision, as Ruth forced to game (Sophie & Lauren bid s along the way) and we ended up in 5 (2 off but I can go 1 off). Did anyone else open with the South hand?
Board 10 Bermuda Bowl 2007 Egypt vs Norway
Our bidding went 1S 2nt 3c 3s. Now is was in a quandary whether to play in the 5-2 fit or not. I rebid 4C and partner raised to 5C. What do people think about playing in 4S?
Board 2 Egypt Norway 5 March
Does everyone have an agreement that over 2NT, 3C is checkback? If so, does it promise 5 card spade suit or do you do it with 4OM? Some people play, for example, 1D 1H 2NT 3S as showing 4-4; others go through 3C.
Help - how do I see the play from the experts?
Thanks, everyone!
Board 5 that most of us played, 5th February
The robots bid to 6c against us after 1s and 2s interpose. Nothing we could do against it.
Board 4
A how did they get there, Kate?
Board 4
At our table, North wandered in with 3c in the pass out seat after 2s. West bid 3h and that’s where they played.
Board 6, 29th January
I didn't bid spades but partner bid Clubs. When they got to 6D, I led partner's suit!
I'm in, Kate - thanks

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