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Anthony Taglione
Anthony Taglione
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Sept. 25, 2015
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April 17
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Bridge Player
about me

Something a lot of people seem to forget is that Bridge is meant to be fun.


Every hand an adventure, every bid a thrill!

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ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
WBF Response on Fantoni Eligibility
Fetch the comfy chair... and the popcorn.
Slow Bridge Night?
Thanks for the stats, Ian.
Slow Bridge Night?
I noticed some top brass at the club while we were losing to your B Team.
BIT then bid isn't UI?
It is worth a chuckle, though.
Slow Return
I must admit that I have once called for a card from dummy before dummy went down... "small ruff, please".
interesting double dummy problem
I showed the puzzle to a handful at the club tonight. It was well received and only solved by the experts and only after significant thought.
interesting double dummy problem
Yes. On page 4, you have 2, instead of 3
Slow Return
Because declarer can't cover the 10 with the 9.
Slow Return
If West has A109x, given that they can see dummy, wouldn't the return of the 9 tell partner that the 10 is held. Returning the 10 would thus deny the 9.
Implicit partnership agreements with new partners
How about, "No agreement but if you can show me a player here that would bid 4 without spades support I'll be impressed"?

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