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Anthony Taglione
Anthony Taglione
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Sept. 25, 2015
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about me

Something a lot of people seem to forget is that Bridge is meant to be fun.


Every hand an adventure, every bid a thrill!

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Comparable Call Issue
Haha! Good one, Ed. It's only recently that the club introduced the idea of a free session for the TD.
Comparable Call Issue
This still often ends up being the case, though, John. The other day, I was party to a new wrinkle on the comparable call fiasco. I was dealer and my LHO opens 1 out of turn. My partner rejects it and I open 2NT, LHO passes and partner raises ...
Comparable Call Issue
If they don't realise by now...
Comparable Call Issue
The TD has to take the double in isolation for consideration of whether it's a comparable call to 2NT, regardless of whether some possible continuation might show the same values as a 2NT opener.
Comparable Call Issue
Knowledge of the rejected 2NT opening bid is AI to the opponents. Now, if 4th seat has ten or more points, he will be aware that his partner has psyched the 1 bid. We might wonder whether his pass of 3NT constitutes a fielded psyche but the knowledge of ...
Does partner's break in tempo suggest an action?
I'm not sure what to read into partner's questions. Was he unsure of the merits of doubling but even more unsure of the value of declaring a spades contract? My only thought now is whether I can ethically bid 6 or have to content myself with 5 ...
Procedure After Failure to Call Director
My first thoughts on reaching the table, and after a shake of the head that I wasn't called sooner... South has rejected the lead of the K, which becomes a major penalty card. East has made a lead and, unless he was told by someone that he must ...
He may have forgotten
He was thinking of psyching but simply misbid instead. :-j
The Law: Declarer's Exposed Card
It's very easy as a rookie director to get waved away. As a grizzled veteran, not so much.
Break In Tempo
What Ed said. The other tables might have reached the same final contract but we have no knowledge of the auctions taken to reach that contract. As such, the play could well be significantly different at each table, based on the information they are each working with. As a simple ...

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