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Antony Lee
Antony Lee
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Feb. 25, 2011
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11 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Partner intentionally passes 5S queen ask after hearts were set, it's the highest making contract.
Bridge Accomplishments
World Junior BAM bronze, won French equivalent of GNTC, 3rd in US Collegiates (x2), 3/4 in GNTC
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Favorite Conventions
Unbalanced diamond, Raptor NT, but I don't get to play any of those nowadays
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Non Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
1NT - 3M
You can play 3D=1444/13(54) and then you have room to ask whether responder has 3 or 4, just like over 3H. This depends on what you used 3D for previously; in my case it's 55ms which fits just fine in 3S (opener bypasses 3N with interest ...
Followups after shape resolution
(Also replying to comments below here) Certainly it is a bit awkward that responder is showing his shape while his strength is unknown, but 1) it's quite similar to standard after, say, transfer-then-3C; 2) the knowledge of the fit at a low level indeed allows to bypass 3N safely ...
3!S INV or GF?
Playing 1x-2y (jump) as invitational is really helpful to remove a big chunk of hands from other sequences.
what is this 3!D means ?
That's a nice treatment. I used to play the simpler 3C=5224, 3D or 3oM=5(31)4, 3M=self-sufficient suit (over the same 2C=BAL or NAT), but with this scheme not only you get to show the 6-4 but you even have 3oM also unused! What do ...
Why not?
For comparison, here in France the equivalent of the NAP district qualifier is played with screens...
Bot Programming Perhaps Last Time
It would seem to be a simple improvement (e.g. for hand #5) if, when the bot fails to come up with a single hand where his play matters, it generates some hands *ignoring* the constraints (let's not even try to quantify "small" vs "large" bidding deviations) and see ...
T2 defense
Declarer had 9xxxx x AKQxx Kx and p KQxx x xx AQJxxx, so the correct return was a club.
NABC Entry Fees Increase as of Summer, 2019
Re: "It has long been my opinion that card fees have always been too low. I see clubs struggling to make ends meet where a $2 increase would have made all the difference." I am no longer living in the United States (after having played in the ACBL for 8 ...
You hold: !S87 !HAQ !DJ873 !CJ8432
Thanks for the input. In the actual hand, righty held Kxx Jxx AKQxxx T, partner ATxxx Txxx - AKQx, and dummy QJx Kxxx Txx xxx, so there was no good choice after I bid 2S and righty rebid 3D: doubling cost only one additional matchpoint (8 tables) to the pair in ...
French carding agreements
Thanks for the reference and the summary (yes, I do read French)!

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