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Arijit Hazra
Arijit Hazra
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Feb. 21, 2013
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2 hours ago
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Nebulous 2 club; Two-way Checkback
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Arijit Hazra's bidding problem: xxx xx ATxx KTxx
Major suit can be bit weak. But you can expect QJxxxx or QT9xxx at least.
Arijit Hazra's bidding problem: T AJ8x Kxxx Kxxx
We play Micheals. However 3 Micheals would promise reasonably good two-suiter hand. From this auction, it looks like partner probably wanted to buy a cheap contract with 2 because he does not have a strong two suiter type hand. After 2NT, he wanted to show his 5 card ...
Arijit Hazra's bidding problem: QT98 KJ3 QJ3 AJ9
But with no action may result in an uncontested auction where opponents will play in 2 Major and you have a play at two or 3 level.
Arijit Hazra's bidding problem: 6 A9876 AT6 T632
Yes. But don't you think that sometimes you are forced to bid with 4 cards as well. For example with this hand 2-4-3-4 shape. There is no other option. Here, I did not choose double actually. I bid 3.I was thinking about different possible auctions.
Arijit Hazra's bidding problem: QT98 KJ3 QJ3 AJ9
Yes. corrected.
Arijit Hazra's bidding problem: KTx Axxxx AQTx x
But there might be possibility that partner will not be able to reopen with minimum range hand and we are in danger of losing a vulnerable game. What about 3NT directly?
Arijit Hazra's bidding problem: xx x KTxx K9xxxx
3NT is single suiter minor. 2NT-3-3NT-4 is 5+-4+
Soumya Das's bidding problem: KJTxxx KQ T9x Kx
is there any agreement on splinter range?
Michael Rosenberg's bidding problem: K4 AQT762 753 94
I used to play a system in which rebidding 2nt shows dblton with 8-11 points I followed that ... without any agreement I would raise to 3
Arijit Hazra's bidding problem: Txx Kxxx Ax Qxxx
1) with KQ9xxxx xx xxx A what should your pd bid? if your pd choose to bid 1 what is ur action with the above hand? 2-4? and 2)what is your bid with Txx Kxxx xx Qxxx over ...

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