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Art Korth
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April 18, 2012
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about me

Tax attorney in Atlantic City, NJ.  Playing bridge since 1972.  Inherited much of my sense of bridge humor from Dave Treadwell, so beware.

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Emerald Life Master
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Ruling in Montreal
@ David Yates: With Mike Shuster, I play a strong club with 4 card majors (with canapé), intermediate (10-14) 2 bids and 13-15 1NT. A 1 opening bid denies a 4-card major (10-14, 3+ diamonds except 3325). Does that qualify as a "really screwy, unusual system?" By the way, the ...
How do you play this?
I play XYZ in this sequence, so 2 would be an artificial game force and 3 would be strong (slammish) with long clubs (2NT would be a puppet to 3 allowing responder to get out in 3). I have the agreement with my partners that play ...
Schrödinger's Dummy Rights
Mike, if I may add my 2 cents. In Las Vegas, I played in the following events: 2 days of the GNT 2 days of the LMs 2 days of regional pair events 1 day of regional Swiss teams I found that, generally speaking, the level of "nastiness" was higher ...
"You got it wrong."
Just checking. Your partner bid 7 over 6x?
Why do Daily Bulletins not give results of Bracketed KO's?
I thought that the OP was wrong, so I checked one of the Daily Bulletins from Las Vegas (happened to be the second Friday). He is correct! There was a listing showing the pairings in a morning KO, but no results of recently concluded KOs other than major events. I ...
David Caplan (1964-2019) - Our Story
Fred: I played against David's team in the first round of the GNT Swiss Qualifying in Las Vegas (and against you and Sheri in the third round). Could you tell me which direction David was sitting? We didn't properly introduce ourselves to each other and I have no ...
Bridge Winners or The Twilight Zone?
I thought you were Number 2. Who is Number 1? (Sorry - The Prisoner, not The Twilight Zone).
Deja Vu All Over Again
On the first hand, in the side suits you held AK AK and KQ and could not defeat 6. I would say that this is quite unlucky. You should expect significant distribution in the opposing hands, but this is just too much. And it is not like you had ...
Ribbon events
What I am mystified about is that I have 2 Silver Ribbon qualifications. The only event I ever played in that could produce a Silver Ribbon qualification was the Silver Ribbon pairs, and I did not finish in the top 10.
Ribbon events
@Kenton:I became an LM in 1977. I find it hard to believe that you earned a Blue Ribbon qualification for finishing second in a non-masters pairs event. At the time, qualifications were awarded only for firsts and clear seconds in events with no upper master point restrictions.

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