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CAVENDISH 2019 - Time to register
It is Monaco bashing only because everybody forgot about italian titles won with Fantoni Nunes. As for a Question Jean-Charles. it is obvious that any organiser of the top bridge event have to be prepared to answer and especially Monaco. I played in every Cavendish in Your country but wouldnt ...
What should the selectors do?
Thank you Richard for patronising me this time. You should follow Your advice changing pleasant to sensible...
What should the selectors do?
I really hope that the time of your involvement with EBU is over... . Would you like to share how well did all those selection Comitteess you were part of ? And now when you are not you try to tell them in the patronising way what to do?. How grand!!!
What should the selectors do?
Richard Fleet . The man who doesnt play bridge but love to talk.... obviously that should be a determined policy BEFORE the teams went to the championships. Not that surprising that England qualified?
Public statement from and myself
i hope not {really belive that SERIOUS organisers will be stronger than that}. i had this situation with Piekarek before.... Lets see if other players got any spine and show that the game and the principals are more important that quiet acceptance of anything just beccause they dont want trouble.
Public statement from and myself
david burn. should we invite Fantoni _Nunes to Spring foursomes and see if Ebu accept the entry? and then happily get a drink in the bar!! i am shocked to read you comments on this subject. can we stop hear this "rules and regulations above the all" mantra? This game ...
Public statement from and myself
David i was more interested in reaction of a top players who got (in my opinion) responsibility to the game i can state here and now that i would leave {loudly} even if i played with my sponsor or wife. hope they would understand... is it possible that no one ...
Public statement from and myself
David. here we go again. all this careful talk about rules, rights,rationality.. thats why so many players close their eyes and ears. they want decisions from someone else . would they react in the same way in the everyday life? or would they show that they got opinions, morals and ...
Public statement from and myself
I am afraid David that hovever difficult it is the players should take a stand and leave. if it was a number of pairs who got up and left... everybody talking on bridgewinners and facebook. time to show some strenght.
Gold Cup final stages - controversial end to semi-final
Richard. Very strange title of this article. Is it controversial that the rules were followed and director made decisions? How funny that some teams are notoriously involved in situations like this ( late play in the important long matches) and some people believe that if they lose by getting fined its ...
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