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What is the "statistically best way" to play the AJ9 opposite Kxx?
Vacant spaces info becomes available only when one opponent shows out, suggestung uneven VS. Until then, absent bidding by opponents, VS are estimated to be equal. The original post suggested that opponents had not bid and had followed suits until key decision point in the play.
What is the "statistically best way" to play the AJ9 opposite Kxx?
K and low to J (1) . Slightly better than 50%: Q onside + stiff queen offside. Playing AK (2) is vastly inferior: stiff Q either side + doubleton Q either side. So net comparison between (1) and (2) is finesse (50%) versus Qx either side. Qx either side is 12/42 of ...
Implications Of Asking
Although my suggested model may seem too radical, think about this: bidding/play in tempo already means bid/play in a time does not vary depending on the hand that is held. The way the current method is implemented is basically applying this principle in half measures, actually with no ...
Implications Of Asking
David Burn, the declarer should have a time limit per deal (or a set of deals), not per trick. So you can bid a slam that takes more than ten seconds to claim. These can be tweaked. Coming to a decision about play in a reasonable amount of time should ...
Implications Of Asking
Agreed. But the idea is to have time limit for every bid and every play of the card and have them completed in a standard amount of time. Thus the variation in time can't be used to pass UI to the partner.. It can be done easily via tablets ...
Implications Of Asking
We can't avoid UI. Those who claim that the player was ethical because he played his singleton in tempo forget that the signalling system could be: play singletons in tempo, but play out of tempo otherwise. Notice, that unless you observe someone for several deals and prove correlation of ...
You Know You Are A Bridge Player When....
In Tallahassee, Fl, I was once given directions at a gas station (waaay before days of GPS) like this: turn right here, left there and then go west on 90 East. After confirming the directions to make sure that I heard it right, I quitely walked out and threw away ...
Help with Short-Short analysis.
My bad. How can I delete it from "Partnership Forum" and post it as article?
You Know You Are A Bridge Player When....
When you cluelessly say "push" while comparing team scores with a pregnant partner.
Roth Swiss
Pls contact me at +1-256-468-5148. I will be playing in finals of Werner Open pairs later today and I can meet you before game time near Constitution Hall. Best, Atul
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