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Aviv Shahaf
Aviv Shahaf
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July 29, 2010
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8 minutes ago
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Bridge Teacher
about me

I have been directing and teaching Bridge for the past 20 years.

Head of Directors at the Honors Bridge Club in New York, running 5 section games most weekday afternoons

USBF Jr Program Mentor

Met my wife at a Bridge Club and we are raising two future stars.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing "Gulash" with Chagas & Branco in Rio
Bridge Accomplishments
third place at a club game twice!
Regular Bridge Partners
Igor Savchenko
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Head of Directors at the Honors Bridge Club in New York
Favorite Tournaments
WSOP Main Event
Favorite Conventions
Incision (Forcing Club system with very light opening bids)
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ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Zachary Madden's bidding problem: xxx J9x KQJx KQx
If this was an event without screens, and RHO alerted 3C, and you asked about the alert and got the explanation "Limit Raise or better for Hearts", and then RHO passed 3, I think partner should figure out what is going on.
Zachary Madden's bidding problem: xxx J9x KQJx KQx
Let's follow the assumption that both opponents have their bids. What does partner have? If the 1 overcall was made on a 4 card suit then partner could have up to 2 hearts. Partner's failure to raise diamonds means that they have up to 2 diamonds. Partner ...
Handicap scores to increase open game players attendance.
We have a regular weekdays afternoon Handicapped game at the Honors Bridge Club in New York. We use handicaps for our prestigious "White" Section since most pairs in that game would be in the "A" Strat otherwise. Our handicapping is based on general guidelines and adjusted slightly to account for ...
Zachary Madden's bidding problem: xxx J9x KQJx KQx
This looks like a UI or MI case (unless behind screens). East probably did not alert the 3 bid. The auction however is AI to all players so, even if West has the UI that partner did not alert 3, they also have the AI that East passed ...
Ron Smith's bidding problem: AKJ5 2 Q32 QJT43
I bid 6. Not sure who can make what so it looks like a reasonable insurance with a hand that has very little defensive values.
Ron Smith's bidding problem: 972 AQJ K8752 92
Anyone who chooses to bid 6 deserves facing (Pass) Pass (6)...
Range Stayman after a Protective 1NT?
Elaborating on what Craig wrote: (1 suit) Pass (Pass) 1NT = "Good 10 to Bad 16" Over Partner's 2 "Range Stayman" inquiery you respond normally with 10 to 13 but bid 2NT with 14 to 16, after which partner can ReStayman with 3. Some play that the 1NT ...
David Libchaber's bidding problem: 98 AJ862 AK732 A
Is there an agreement regarding 3? Is there an agreement regarding ELC? Specifically regarding double followed by a jump to 4 over partner's 3 (or Lebensohl 2NT) bid. Maybe this hand will convince partner to learn Leaping Michaels...
David Libchaber's bidding problem: AJ97 5432 AK963 ---
Partner's Pass suggest that either they are not short in spades, in which case the opponents are in trouble, or they are weak. Either way we are unlikely to gain by bidding.
High level methods
To Steve, with that hand you compete to 5. With lesser hands you can pass and wait for partner to reopen before you compete to 4.

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